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    If you thought the economic impact statements from the Central States Pension Fund were impressive, check out this new information from the National Coordinating Committee For Multiemployer Plans (NCCMP). This new data is staggering proof of how serious an economic impact the failure of the multiemployer pension system in the United States would be on our economy! The National United Committee to Protect Pensions (NUCPP) lobby team will be in Washington DC this week armed with these additional facts and figures to hand out at the Congressional offices on Capitol Hill. We hope that the staffers in these offices (especially the Republicans) will take note of this new data, and alert their Congresspersons and Senators as to the importance of getting the Butch Lewis Act of 2017 attached to the upcoming spending bill. We thank the NCCMP for posting this critically important information on their website.

    Below are the links to the Multiemployer Pension Facts Economic Impact posted on the NCCMP's website. We encourage everyone back in their home districts in their states to print out and hand deliver or email this information to their Congresspersons and Senators offices. Spread the word and keep up the good fight!…/Multi-Elert-Vol-18-Issue-1-Multiemployer…



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