The fix is in? NASCAR advertises ‘Six-Time’ merchandise before season finale

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by R-14Driver, Nov 17, 2012.

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    This is it, people! The smoking gun! Proof positive that NASCAR is one big conspiracy designed to load up Jimmie Johnson with championships! It's right here, people!

    This, via, is a shot of a commemorative "six-time" plaque honoring Jimmie Johnson's 2012 victory at Homestead ... problem is, that "victory" hasn't happened yet. Now, Johnson has a huge hill to climb to win the Sprint Cup, but if he does ... well, you'll know something's up, won't you?

    The fix is in? NASCAR advertises

    NASCAR the new WWF or is it WWE ? One has to wonder that if all teams get everything from there frame to the body and all suspension parts and most engine parts from NASCAR how come only certain teams always win ? And don't forget they all run the same tires given to them from NASCAR also LOL :17142:
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    Samething happens in other sports. Before the finds game of any championship game. The t-shirt companies print the winning shirts and hats for both teams so they are covered for whom ever wins.
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    And the printed T's and hats that end up losing get sent overseas to needy countries because they don't care who actually won. They're happy to have new clothes.
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    Personelly, I think Chad Knaus is more important to that team than Jimmie, they'd probably win races with Danica driving that
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    WWF !!!! You know who's going to win, before the flag drops....When are you guys going to except the fact that "the fix has been on for several years"....

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