The Republican Party is producing "leaders of jaw-dropping incompetence"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Magoo, Oct 13, 2015.

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    That's mighty wise of you....:hide:
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    kids in college were exempt anyway
    and why are you still in college at 26?
    what BarryCare has done is jack up the rates on the young to provide cheaper coverage for the older and sicker, thus all this does is allow the young to hang out on their parents policy a little longer before getting the sticker shock of how much insurance is.

    care was never denied
    most states had high risk pool insurance that was available
    was it more expensive, yes, hence the name "high risk pool"
    People that are older, not in good shape and don't take care of themselves are more likely to need more medical proceedures thus they should pay more, not discrimination, its math, its statistics.

    What BarryCare did was charge the younger healthier people more so they could lower the rates on older sicker people. Problem is the older sicker people bought in the younger healthier did not
    so the only thing left is to force people into buying the product so the fines will keep going up

    I know exactly how insurance works
    I have paid and paid for years never using it
    I got even this year
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    this is nothing more than govt driving up the cost of something to suit its interests
    Insurance would be cheaper with a free market menu type approach where people looked at the offerings, chose what they wanted and paid accordingly

    The problem with single payer (beyond all the horror stories of the English and Canadian systems) is the fact that right now about 47% of Americans have a zero Federal income tax liability, a good portion of those actually get money from the Feds
    The European nations nations and Canada all have much smaller populations than ours, and everyone pays taxes, they all contribute not just 53%. Furthermore, they contribute a lot. Bernie favorite place on Earth Denmark with its 5 million people has a tax rate of around 50%
    Go into the cities and tell the people we are going to start taxing everyone at 50% for free health care, let me know how that works out. Go to a Bernie rally and tell the hippies that its time for them to pay their "fair share"
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    Republican politicians, love to compare themselves to Ron Reagan. They have had nobody since to compare themselves to.

    They have become professional losers.

    This is the problem in GOP politics at the federal level since the surge in popularity of the great Monday morning arm chair quarterback, Rush "the gas bag" Limbaugh, as well as the popularity of the perpetual victim's of the main stream media working over at Faux News.

    The GOP is almost a has been. Focused on catering to the nut job neo cons, and the "Taliban of the U.S.", Evangelicals.

    They still have how many arse hats running for POTUS? They can't figure out what the American PEOPLE want. They really haven't had to serve them before. So they fired up the circus car, and are hoping one of the many clowns will say something lucid, that wins them the highest office.

    The GOP is a joke. Even Donald Trump realizes that.

    When Teamsters who voted GOP have no Clinton Family member, an African American POTUS, or Nancy Pelosi to blame for their problems, who will they blame?

    Always vote LABOR.
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    The plan is pretty simple blame the foreigners for our problems and toss more benefits to the corporations and wealthy.
    None of the 'tax reforms" they tout would actually help the mid and lower class most help goes to the top.
    Its the same old GOP.
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