The thanks you get for lending a helping hand./old guy got a beat down.

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by Apostolic, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

  2. grocerythrower

    grocerythrower Super Mod

    Thats really, really, sad, I took one look at the skank and said to myself, not surprising, by looking at her, she screams I don't care.

    Yea I know, don't judge skanks on their looks alone...go figure.
  3. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST

    well since she admitted to the cops she pulled him out and stabbed him, i would only hope and pray that the judge throws the book at her come sentencing time. and i also hope that the other gal, who may not have attacked the old man, gets just as long a jail sentence as she was there as well, also known as an accomplice.

    to me, this smells and certainly sounds like a set up...100% for a robbery/assault, on ANYONE who had stopped to help.
  4. WildHeart

    WildHeart Well-Known Member

    That's heartbreaking... I hope she goes away for a long long long time.
  5. 4ramsey

    4ramsey Active Member

    For some reason when i saw Chicago, i wasnt surprised. Nice mug shot, she looks like first class gutter trash. Call me what you want
  6. .357

    .357 Member

    You guys are crazy, she'll get 6 months.
  7. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST

    you had better return at least one of those "long's", as the word police are looking for you.....
  8. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST

    uh....i wanna call you.....

    Little Dave...?????
  9. bigbird42368

    bigbird42368 Super Moderator Staff Member

    so so sad, i agree, hope she goes away for a long time but 6 months ids probably all unless she has a real bad record
  10. RacerX69

    RacerX69 Retired Gear Jammer/IBEW Retired/Wingnut

    The article says:
    And the skank's car probably looks like this:


    I'm with Wild Chick, I hope they send that skank away for a long, long, long, long time.

    Better yet, give her the gas chamber.
  11. 4ramsey

    4ramsey Active Member

    I wonder if she participates in the "Knockout Game" ?
  12. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST



    i see where we have another violation of the "long" use...

    better get a move on from your current location to make it harder for the word police to catch for "wild chick" she's already a gonner as she will be so easy to find at her job..

    i'm gonna miss her..........someday....
  13. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe she needed a nice warm cell,3 meals a day & free uniforms for the winter, on the Illinois tax payers dime.
  14. WildHeart

    WildHeart Well-Known Member

    What in Gods name are you saying here?
  15. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    Umm someone didn't think before they typed?


    if it was me that pulled over she would have not made it to jail she would be in the morgue with about 10 oz of lead poisoning.
  17. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    If larmar was around you'd be getting accused of being a racist.
  18. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST

    you used the word...."long" too many times..

    there are limits to using the same word, and you are now gonnabe in big trouble from the word police..

    Racer used the word "long" at least one more time than you did, but he can make a fast getaway, where you are stuck at your location...

    so, while you are siting in a jail cell, for "over the limit" word usage...

    i'm gonna miss you......someday.....when they come an get you..!!!

    of course, you can cover yourself with mud or grease, like in a pic you once showed us, that "might" buy you some "escape time".....
  19. RacerX69

    RacerX69 Retired Gear Jammer/IBEW Retired/Wingnut

    Well at least we don't have a certain someone who suffers from excessive use of punctuation, now do we??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. RacerX69

    RacerX69 Retired Gear Jammer/IBEW Retired/Wingnut

    Nope. Not me. I base my comments on the actions of the individual, not their apparent ethnic background.

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