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Discussion in 'Drivers Wanted' started by Wes Moore, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Good evening everyone..
    I posted on another site and while I did gaccidentsreplies and was happy to get them I thought I would try on this site for anyone else that might fit better.
    I went through Premeir Truck Driving School in Cedar Hill, Tx back in 2008, passed the written and the driving test 1st time, really had no problems.
    I went OTR with a driver trainer for 6 weeks all went well, wish I would have gotten more backing practice and pull throughs other than that everything went good.
    I went back to Cedar Hill to test out which I passed. I was wanting to start out for the first 6 months as a team to get a bit more mileage under me. So happens one of the other students was looking to team And they teamed us up and things went great for about a month or so. After about 8 months more my brother passed away and parents got into bad health so I had to resign.
    Problem I have is MOST companies want a minimum 1 year in past 3 to even look at you.
    Once I went back to work I worked for our city Roads And Drainage crew. I hauled heavy equipment from place to place on flat bed.
    While things are all going much better now and am again looking for maybe an O/O that might want to team??
    I'd REALLY like to get back behind the wheel and go OTR. It's where I'm the most happy.
    I am a 37yo wht male. I do not smoke, would prefer to find another non-smoker or someone who doesn't smoke in the cab.
    Seeing that it's been a number of years I realize it's going to put a little more on you in retraining a few things.
    Don't get me wrong I'm not a complete newbie I'm just out of practice and its been a few years. I can read maps and follow directions and can even double clutch and floatem in. I can keep it facing the right direction and keep the wheels turning.
    Obviously I'd be asking you to mentor me where need be, and therefore I don't expect quite the income as usual starting off.
    My driving record is COMPLETELY clean and clear. No citations, no accidents and no point in more than 15 years.
    I prefer driving night but starting off in someone else's rig Obviously I'll drive when and where you need me.
    If at all interested please msg me and leave me some info on what your driving and looking for. I do not have a tankers or hazmat but would be willing if necessary. I drove refer when driving for CR England.

    Thanks in advance,
    Wes Moore
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    I would go to Old Dominion if you want to team.
  3. BIG R GUY

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    I would go to Old Dominion if you want to team. They further advance your training also.
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    If you got a job with your local government on a road crew I'd recommend that you stay there. Pay isn't the greatest but they won't kill you and they'll have all the right equipment to get the jobs done. Health insurance and pension are about as good as it gets and running OTR is not as glamorous as it seems. Rates are cut throat and pay is minimal.
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    Excellent advice, better listen.
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