The War on the POOR

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Magoo, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Magoo

    Magoo You don't have to be Einstein to figure it out

  2. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Maggie's back! :bgroovy:

    But it's obvious that you didn't spend your "vacation" educating yourself by watching Fox News.:chairshot:
  3. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    In other words, the Democrat's WAR ON POVERY isn't working.......even after trillions of dollars have been poured into it.
  4. Magoo

    Magoo You don't have to be Einstein to figure it out

    It never stops you know, there are new people born to poverty and enter poverty, fighting it never ends.
    In my thoughts we are in a economic depression no matter what they tell us. Telling us things are getting better (they are but sloooowly) is being optomistic. The fact is many people will never recover the life they once had.

    Half of America is officially poor ? RT USA
    While it’s no surprise that nearly 50 million Americans live below the poverty line, new statistics from the US Census show that almost 100 million others are counted as low-income citizens, making half of the population of America officially poor.
  5. jeepman

    jeepman Truckload Mercenary

    There is no war on the poor, never has been or ever will be, a few points to consider
    A. Billions, if not Trillions of dollars often not accounted for have been spent on programs for the poor.
    B. Billions, if not Trillions of dollars have been spent on education and training programs for the poor
    To what effect.....There are still and will be so-called poor, nothing will change that, EVER!
    Here are a few things that the poor , NOT ALL, have in common
    A. Lack of a High School diploma
    B. Lack of a 2 parent house hold
    C. Criminal records
    D. Extensive drug use
    E. Alcohol issues
    F. 2nd or 3rd generation on Public assistance
    G. Live in and refuse to move out of areas where there is High Unemployment
    H. From birth have been indoctrinated that they are OWED something by others
    J. Are generally LAZY, with little or no work ethic
    K. Blame others for their issues, instead of themselves
    Show me where I'm WRONG!
  6. kboomarang

    kboomarang My allah, between pie and mode

    I always amazed at the gulliblity of the followers of the left, when they believe its only the republicans that have the wealth, its the Kennedys that have ''compounds'' not estates, manors, or mansions but compounds, Warren Buffitt acheived his massive wealth with-out causing a single job loss in all his aquisitions, Bill Gates always played above board and never crushed anybodys dreams or broke any laws in his search for his massive wealth, that home spun Nancy doesn't spend 10 or 12 grand a night for a hotel room during the holidays, that generous Joe croaks up a meager 1500 bucks a year for charity on his 1040, that champion of the poor Obama calls Hawaii home when it comes to vacations, but Chicago is home when he feels the need to connect with the poor, John Kerry doesn't helicopter in to one of many homes, a mountian top estate in Colorado, Bill and Hillary eat TV dinners in their one bedroom apartment,the hollywood left that makes millions and millions for doing very little other than screwing movie goers out of 10 or 12 bucks, please dont wait for Obama to get a 20-30 million dollar book deal advance in 3 years to explain how Washington works. to figure out that hey maybe he and the rest of the left have just as much or more than the right. Although the guy lighting a cigar with money might be a union big shot, in that case sorry I blew up.
  7. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Well-Known Member

    You can start bout instead of teaching kids how to have sex, we teach them HOW NOT TOO, till they are married and stable??
  8. slavenomore

    slavenomore US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions

    He's right. We have to do whatever we are told.
    Freedom for the top not all.
    The doing whatever it takes for a dollar is an undignified nation as to what we had. Even the unions are in positions to do whatever we are told.
    Rotten country.
  9. slavenomore

    slavenomore US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions

    Your business community has a lot of them same problems without poverty and joblessness as excuse...drugs, booze affects all not just the poor. Same with divorce.
    Blame? All yA have to do is watch FOXNEws and you'll see blaming others first five minutes and then on and on.Wall street has work ethics? Maybe no ethics. Check out Donald Rumsfild and his Searle company and how aspartame or whatever that artificial sweetner was called was legalized..Ethics? Personal responsibility? There is none at the highest positions of the corporate economy we have... looks like the poor found their trickle.
    No money just the junk that goes with the unbalanced society we live in.
    Its corrupt from top to bottom and if the economic "leaders" expect perfect..... it would work better if they do as they tell others to do.

    Get rid of every antiunion legislation and all the bad stuff will begin to diminish.
    Unions give stability to the workplace which affects family. More chance of sticking together. They balance the scales. Economic security is threatened therefore families break and drugs crime and booze become normal...for dog eat dig capitalism gives no hope. Hoe's for a dollar is not a country with hope...nor is it worth dying for. Its a country worth hating which is what the jails are full of. Poor people who hate it because fairness doesn't play a role.
  10. Guardrail

    Guardrail Super Moderator

    And the way the Democrats have everybody dependent on the government, it will never end. If people are raised to depend on something, what is the incentive to better themselves? There is none. Handouts become a way of life and they will raise their children to think the same.

  11. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Well-Known Member

    I guess it's safe to say, Robert wasn't for Clinton, signing the welfare reform
  12. Magoo

    Magoo You don't have to be Einstein to figure it out

    No he didn't like it, he can only give his advice taking it is another thing
  13. Magoo

    Magoo You don't have to be Einstein to figure it out

    He went over a bit of that in the video
    basically how to you turn people out when they have nowhere to go?

    I'm not going out on a limb saying everyone on this board is a matter of a few months from real financial trouble when the checks stop.
    Nobody here is ever going to be a Mitt Romeny you ought to think about whats good for you if something went wrong in your life.
    Turn off the Kardashians
  14. DCM_Doc

    DCM_Doc Well-Known Member

    This country just saw the 50th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson's "War On Poverty". So how is the "Great Society" concept working?
  15. Bubba74

    Bubba74 Well-Known Member

    Reich is an idiot
    He admitted to death panels in Barry Care

    The poster is amazing, Uneducated? who controls the public schools
    Underfed? we have a massive obesity problem in this country
    Underinsured? ask the millions that have lost the plans that they liked because of BarryCare
    Unable to Vote? 3rd world banana republics have tougher voter laws than the USA
    Underpaid? why because the burger flipper does not deserve $15 an hour- you earn for the most part, your worth
    Overarmed? tell that to the people at the Colorado Theater, or Sandy Hook, etc.......
    Unsafe? who is spying on whom?

    The picture on the bottom (The Damm Family) , the black and white, always integred me. Yes, they were living in their car, both parents were heron addicts. They were given money and stuff and pissed it all away on drugs

  16. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    You're right, fighting it never ends, but just throwing more money at poverty doesn't help either. That's obvious. You'd be surprised how many people on the Govt. dole would all of the sudden be able to work if we de-railed their gravy train.
    Optimism isn't an action, it's just a feeling. Only action will help people end their poverty.
    Obama's "feel good" speeches don't cure anything.
  17. Magoo

    Magoo You don't have to be Einstein to figure it out

    Do they have a News department?
  18. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Whyyyyyyy, you dirty rotten.....

    How can you say such a thing? lol

    Marriages of 30+ years are a thing of the past. Now you just pop out kid after kid and never do exchange wedding vows. "Why buy the cow when the milk is free" has replace the wedding vows.
  19. Magoo

    Magoo You don't have to be Einstein to figure it out

    I wouldn't want to think what we would be like without it
  20. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    The Democrats have been promising the Unions everything under the sun for decades. Seems pretty obvious that you've been duped by your beloved Democrat party that the Unions all love. Wake up. Neither party is actually for the "workin' man."

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