This equipment is just horrible and getting worse

Discussion in 'Holland' started by holland68, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. the5tolls

    the5tolls Pay the rate or lock the gate

    You were the dick that came on a site that you don't even work for and shot off your big mouth about brother hood and drivers saying eff you to other drivers.......what's the old saying : "don't start no :shit:...won't be no :shit:" You sound like a real bitch what is wrong the guys won't talk to you on the board where you work now?
  2. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    So far, you've called me a troll, a bitch, and a dick. Sounds like your are losing your mind out of frustration.
    I must have struck a nerve when I accurately identified your union as a bunch of MEESTERS.
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  3. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    By the way, you haven't been on this forum for very long, so I'll fill you in on something that you probably don't know. There was a time when this Holland Forum was silent, completely silent for weeks on end, not a single post. And even though I had already left, I went out of my way to keep this Holland Forum active and keep people talking to each other. So don't waste your time telling me to get lost or go away or call me a troll or whatever else. I'll say whatever I feel like saying on here. You don't get to silence people just because you disagree with them.
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  4. yrc-atm

    yrc-atm commodities relocator

    I dont need some dispatcher to go on the computer, I can do it myself. And Brett is gone, fired. Again I dont care its not YOUR truck. It says Holland on the side. We have a clown out of Milwaukee who thinks he can tell management what city driver can drive HIS truck. He actually got mad because someone DID throw out the garbage. Its MY truck when I get it for the city and I give a rats ass who drives it at night.
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  5. the5tolls

    the5tolls Pay the rate or lock the gate

    I finally agree with you on something....there are a ton of Meesters! If you are not in my union anymore than why did you start this all complaining about what trucks guys drive and how they treat others like brothers or not? You do not work here and you do not belong to the union? It is the weekend and you are on a site for a company you don't even work for? I was curious about the actual topic that they were talking about guys getting one hundred percent after thirty days. I have a lot of buddies who are in their first three years and were hoping for a raise like the guys in MN. My wife will be home from a bridal shower shortly so I will be gone till probably next weekend. I just wanted to let you know that your posts on here do me to believe that you are a real dick and you are definitely a troll if you don't work here. By the way I call my best friends Bitch's but no you are not on that last. I know I will see you again on here, just curious do you actually go to the site for whichever non union you work for? See ya around scab!
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  6. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Don't run off so soon. I apologize for outing you as the Meester that you appear to be. (although it was your own words that identified yourself.)
    Anyone that's ever worked for Holland knows that the city drivers drive the junk trucks because they are assigned to them. You, however have a nicer line haul truck, so you refuse to even acknowledge the junk that they drive. And don't tell me that they aren't junk because I see them every day. Those city tractors are shameful to say the least.
    And as far as being called a scab, that means nothing to me, especially since most scabs are making more money than you are. Meesters like yourself are exactly what is wrong with your union, and why nobody wants to join. You care about your own truck, but not the city guys who are stuck driving the junk.
    You are the one that made this personal, not me. But when I mentioned Meesters, you got offended. Sounds like a guilty conscience to me.

    By the way, you don't have to currently work for a company to post on their forum, but the odds are, I served a longer sentence at Holland than you have. (and the title of this thread is about the equipment, not the wages.)
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  7. the5tolls

    the5tolls Pay the rate or lock the gate

    Just so you know my assigned tractor has one point two five million miles, but I keep it clean and take care of it and I can pass most of the new Freightliners so I am happy with it. I wish you knew me better I have my close circle of drivers that have been trying to offend me for years, I have been called a Meester probably a couple hundred times and not been offended yet, and that's by my pals! See ya, got to get ready to watch the Game of Thrones finally for the year!
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  8. Toby

    Toby Well-Known Member

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  9. Toby

    Toby Well-Known Member

    Did someone say we have quality equipment?
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  10. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Ever have a raccoon or squirrel pop it's head up out of that hole?:biglaugh:
    Don't sweat it until two heads will fit though it.
  11. Toby

    Toby Well-Known Member

    No but we had mice in the Sterlings many times.. they crawl in through all the rusted through "air holes" in the back of the tractor and the floor boards.. heck we had one guys drivers seat fall through due to the rust..

    Was comparing with a YRC guy today... don't feel as bad, mine is a 2001 and his "new" tractor replacing his older 1995 is a 1999 Roadway tractor..
  12. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Nothing but the best for Y'all.:17113:

    But I'd be willing to bet that the big dogs are still getting their massive salaries and bonuses.
    How those pukes sleep at night is beyond me.
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  13. vongrimmenstein

    vongrimmenstein Well-Known Member

    I have no skin in this subject matter. And I should just but out. But I can't help myself. I gott ask. If you used the word 'penis' instead of 'dick' do you think your intentions would have more effect or meaning in your conversation. ?Von.
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  14. wongway

    wongway -15% Pay , Never forget

    YRCW has a history of buying companies and sucking out all the money they can and running them into the ground and that is just what they have been doing to Holland and getting very bad lately , with NO trailer's ,short trucks daily & short Driver's and Lowest Paid in LTL Industry , r.i.p. 2019 ............................
  15. mud

    mud Wonderin' Gold Member

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  16. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    Correction, partner. Yellow owned that history themselves...Holland and Roadway will be their last victims....
  17. newpenn22

    newpenn22 Active Member

    The good ol' days when u can go with dad 2 work.
  18. SuperCourse

    SuperCourse Well-Known Member

    Just run some new wire along the outside and trailer tape it on.

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