This whole deal over hear is getting stupid

Discussion in 'New England Motor Freight' started by jmsconstantino, Sep 26, 2009.

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    I just wanted to voice something here, I haven't posted in a while but have been reading intently. WTF is the matter with you guys, let's fight over here instead of working together to help each other. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion but how about NOT fighting with each other!!! Is that putting food on your table, I don't know I have 3 children, a family life and a social life, you guys spend too much time fighting and not posting real news, that would help each other out, like I said it's just getting STUPID!!!:TR10driving03:
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    I agree, lets all act professional and attack the subject of posts and not each other, if you're a guest and/or former employee frequenting this forum, please be respectful of our NEMF members forum.
    This way you stay out of trouble and everyone can enjoy.

    Everyone who shall enter and post in here:
    Please read the sticky announcement in the NEMF forum by Benny Hill.
    Please follow The TB Rules. This is a Union Forum...

    Also refresh your memories on the rules every member agreed to.
    Forum Rules

    Thank you for your time and please enjoy your forums.
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    I do agree...theres an obvious ego issue and we all just need to get along.
    We are passionate about the end result we just need to collaborate on completing it

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