Thoughts on chargebacks in the trucking industry

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by roadscholar88, Aug 7, 2017.

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    As a carrier/driver/owner-operator, how do you deal with chargebacks (late/early shipments, defective ticketing, missing or invalid “advance ship notices," mispackaging, etc), especially due to unforeseen circumstances (such as traffic, accidents, DOT checks, detainment at a prior stop, etc. thus making you late)? Do you invoice the shipper? How do you prevent these from occurring? Do you stop dealing with these consignees? Are their specific industries notorious for this?
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    I've only got about three cents worth to add to this. You can't stop dealing with these places. You or your employer will go bankrupt because they're everywhere. Everyone wants to save a dollar, and who better to threaten than a trucker with a full trailer. In my experiences, anything to do with yarn, cotton, and food were the worst places to deal with. I always, as a driver, let dispatch handle it. If it meant me waiting longer, I negotiated a better settlement, or was kept on the clock. HOWEVER!! I did work for a company who didnt beat around the bush with shippers/recievers. If I showed up on time and they failed to load/unload me, I was either off to pickup another load, OR, take that load to this address and call me. They quickly sold the load to recoop losses. But! That was the old days. Soooo, my best advice is, to each his own. Every load is different and there are a lot more lawyers today than back then.
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    I once had a situation with the farm. They booked me via broker to move watermelons. I arrived on time, but due to the rain these watermelons were not picked. I waited 6 hours to be loaded. We settled this increasing the price for 450 dollars.

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