Tight Florida Senate and governor races head to a recount

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    Scott’s lead has steadily dropped to 12,562 votes, or .15%, since election night, when he led by roughly 56,000 votes, and the ongoing counting process has spurred legal action from both parties. Scott and other prominent Republicans, including President Trump, have repeatedly raised the specter of voter tinkering, though a state law enforcement agency has said it has received no allegations of criminal misconduct and the Nelson campaign has refuted the allegation.

    Several other statewide races, including the gubernatorial race between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum, will also proceed to a recount. DeSantis leads Gillum by 33,684 votes, or .41%.
    Well wadda ya know.
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    And every time there is a controversy over vote counts, the new found votes are always Democrat. Just amazing.
    Cheating ****ers.
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