Tim Tebow May Be Coming Back This Weekend

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    You probably thought you'd seen the last of Tim Tebow, for a while at least, after the Broncos' 35-point demolition at the hands of the New England Patriots in the NFL playoffs. But there's a good chance you'll be watching the Broncos quarterback again on Championship Weekend.

    CBS wants Tim Tebow to join its broadcast as a guest analyst for the AFC Championship game between New England and Baltimore.

    "We've had conversations with his (Tebow's) people," CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus told the USA Today's Michael Hiestand. "We have a request in. We haven't heard back................

    Tim Tebow May Be Coming Back This Weekend | ThePostGame

    And you'll thought Tebow time was over LOL :17142:
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    I had to text my son the news. Verizon Fios is his cable carrier (if it is cable, I'm not real up on this stuff.) Anyway, CBS Channel 21 is blacked out in Harrisburg on Verizon. I asked him if he wants to come over and watch the game with me. He is so sick of Tebow time, it ain't happening LOL
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    Nope....I ain't gonna do it.....

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