To: Whoever spec'ed the new Freightliners...

Discussion in 'Saia' started by Jo mama Angie daddy, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. You deserve a huge pat on the back....
    With a Louisville Slugger. Didn't think this place could do worse then the Internationals. Thanks for proving me wrong.
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  2. truckdriver

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    My Cornfield Combine was real spunky compared to the brand new freightliner. My International had 525xxx plus miles on it.
    It sure seems slow ( freightliner ) taking off from a stop?
  3. bigtruk_us

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    What's wrong with the freightliners
  4. That's because they are. But fuel mileage is king above all around here, including safety.
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  5. IMO they are horrible. Not all of these issues are the specs, but after reading the manuals left in the truck and seeing what options could have been ordered, I believe they are so greedy on fuel mileage they will give up driver safety.
    1. Can't manually hold it in a gear. So going down a grade it drops 1 to 2 gears when the engine brake comes on. Turn the engine brake off and after a couple seconds it goes in to e roll(essentially neutral). Gonna be a disaster waiting to happen on the 9 mile 6% grade I go down five nights a week when it is snow covered.
    2. Plastic 1/4 fenders. They won't get tore off by a broken chain. Because we by the absolute lowest quality chains in our region.
    3. All chain hangers on drivers side. So I get to spend more time on the traffic side of the truck chaining up 30+ times a season.
    4. Cruise control essentially useless. Unless road is flat or downhill it loses speed. Has a brake target on the cruise like the volvos. But it's set at 5mph over set speed. They could have ordered them with two options (3 and 5). 65mph speed limit +5 is 70 for an over speed.
    5. The first propaganda video they had us watch talked about how great it was to be able to turn the camera on manually if you needed too. First time in the truck I realized that's only if your stretch Armstrong. They could have added a remote switch but why would you want your drivers to be able to use the camera when they need to. After all it's just a tattletale.
    6. Then just as a big eff you to your drivers you add a Bluetooth equipped radio in a truck you will fire someone for talking on the phone.

    That's all I can think of for now but I've only been in the truck for a couple weeks.

    But hey the seat is fairly comfortable and the vnomics is faster then my old 13. And it has air horns
  6. bigbuck

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    Bottom line that I can see and hear: Saia doesn't care about their drivers.

    Drivers are numbers and numbers are subject to change.
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  7. Oh, they care. My wife and children received their propaganda mail about how great the cameras are and how much they care about me. (Insert eye roll here)

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