Tony Stewart -- CLEARED Of Criminal Charges ... Kevin Ward Was High On Weed

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Dockworker, Sep 24, 2014.

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    i am glad you posted this, i saw it on the CBS news last night.

    i pretty much knew (as perhaps the rest of you did) that he would not/could not be found guilty of any wrong doings.

    as i may have stated in a previous thread regarding this incident, i do not watch any racing, haven't seen any since my late teen's.

    but i'll say this much, and again, most of you already know this....

    you DO NOT get out of your car on a race track, and start walking towards the traffic...

    he, Kevin Ward was an idiot.

    he, Kevin Ward was on drugs.

    i found it most interesting at the end of the news article, his mom was quoted as saying something like, "it ain't over".....

    well good "F" luck missy in trying to win any lawsuit against anyone, especially Tony, for your son being high on drugs......

    Christ, it's the same ole, same ole......"someone ELSE HAS to accept responsibility for my actions"...BS.......

    frankly, i think that MANDATORY drug testing, just hours BEFORE any race ought to be instituted by ALL racing venue's....

    with technology and science being what it is these days, surely the test results can be ready in minutes.....

    of course, with an all too real possibility the price of tickets, pay per view, etc, will climb..

    but hey, if we as truckers can be under tight scrutiny, so can someone else that drives a rocket that is capable of mass destruction, 100's of times more powerful that an 80,000 big rig..

    race driver tests positive minutes before a race...???

    suspension, drug rehab, fines, (to him and company and maybe sponsors, since they "support' the team), and have a replacement driver on stand-by.....

    if the NFL, NBA, and others, can drop a team for the behavior of the star, and pull out of sponsorship,endorsements, etc, so should ANY racing sponsor.

    let's HURT them all........
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    What's wrong with a little weed man.....
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