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Discussion in 'Sysco' started by roger83, Nov 7, 2016.

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    talked to a Sysco driver today and he showed me his new trailer camera. Mounted up on the front of trailer in the freezer comp. he said there is twice the uproar with these than the truck cameras. But can only watch you in the front or if you leave bulkhead it's really basically useless since you can stack a box in front of it.He also said there putting a lot more blankets on pallets even refrigerated pallets and carrying these new temp monitors around the trailer.
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    I wonder what the purpose of this camera is for, to keep an eye on the driver or load. PFG has a whole bunch of blankets as well but they put them to protect mainly our prime customer loads and anything under the fridge unit.
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    Yep we have had these trailers for about 2 years. Been told to watch to see if freezer doors being left open or to watch for workers Comp drivers getting hurt in side doors or falling out. Blankets need to be stuck somewhere they are nasty and get in the way.
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    I've seen something that looks similar to a camera, black box up in nose inside of trl, but there's no lens. It has a flashing red light. Although I wouldn't put it past them to do something like this to keep us on are toes. They haven't had me sign anything saying were watching you, and if you do any of the following it is cause for immediate termination.

    I'm sure it's to see how a driver a temps to get that one box or two off the top of 7/8 foot tall pallets, as they struggle with blanket and slip sheet on top. Might need a hard helmet, and ladder next as that case of 6/10 cans comes falling or the whole pallet just falls over on you.

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