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Discussion in 'Dayton' started by FLYINGBY, Dec 27, 2013.


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    Looking at Columbia or Sikeston, Mo and just wonder how good you will run in the first year. I can take a pay cut and all realize start at the bottom and work the way up. Been where I'm at going on geez 13 years now, and tired of time here not meaning anything... to many changes in my 13, and everything I research look at about Dayton is mostly good news...And if I was to hire on I will never have to look down like I do here. But at .5050 a mile I would probably need 2300 to 2600 just to make it, Is that possible in the first year.. I was told 400 to 500 a night so I just am a little worried about not working enough.. And was told possible Dock time, which would be great to tide over the less miles..Just want some feedback, my wife and kids need to know also so I don't make some stupid move on this.. Thanks..
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    Flyingby, I am a Dayton city driver and im not from Mo but I think its a good move. Ive been here 9yrs and its been a good fit . I also left a long term job and had a nervous family but so far so good. Your miles estimates will probably turn out to be a little low since we are growing in that area. Therre are also clock time opportunities like d/h and fuel pay plus the possibilities of dock time. Good luck. Happy to answer any questions.

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