TRNet Dead?

Discussion in 'Averitt Express' started by Canadian Flyer, Sep 5, 2017.

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    Is The Reliance Network dead? The shared website is down and only Canadian Freightways still seems to have any detailed information on it. Averitt doesn't mention it at all on their website, only stating "North America Coverage".
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    It's off the Pitt Ohio site also. They added Ross Express for New England ( where Land Air used to be). Midwest Motor is on Pitt's site but on theirs it shows Dayton and NEMF for what was Piit's area.
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    Ha, like Averitt Air was supposed to be the end all and beat all. Remember red thinkin? There was also once a Quality program. All of this was feel good stuff which makes AE the joke that it has turned out to be.

    Almost 3 years free of the little company that hopes it can. Great feeling.

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