TruckLoad Fuel Bonus/Pay Raise?

Discussion in 'Averitt Express' started by jeepman, Apr 27, 2013.

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    I got my fuel goal of 7.2 mpg quarterly to receive my Fuel Bonus/Pay Raise this week!:LMAO: Who ever thought this up OBVIOUSLY is not dealing in the REAL WORLD. This would be REACHABLE only if I pulled LTL loads ALL the time. They must think the world is flat! Most of the freight I pull is 40k+ up and down hills,so this means I WILL NOT BE GETTING ANTHING! Other drivers I know that have the D13 Volvo's have been given 7.5mpg goals....they are thinking the same as me....IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN! I hope you guys on NEAL street are happy,as you keep on dumping on TRUCK LOAD. We deserved a pay raise the same as EVERYONE else got,Why does EVERYTHING that concerns TRUCKLOAD have "STRINGS" attached? BTW if you think I have a ATTITUDE......YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!
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    You are dealing with an ignorance factor that is a total foreign concept to you and me. 98% of the employees have an attitude of "who the hell cares"? That is certainly the case with me. These clowns ask us to do this and that but like all the others...I do my bare minimum to accomplish my day and go to the house and not worry one bit about all of the superfluous crap and propaganda that they dish out on a daily basis. Until the stale upper mismanagement of this outfit is changed, there will be no change.

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