Turn over rate increasing at Pyle

Discussion in 'A. Duie Pyle' started by rooundguy, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. rooundguy

    rooundguy New Member

    After the news of the yearly wage increase more and more drivers are struggling to stay on board. Many aspects of Pyle are good and thats what keeps people but it is very hard for new (less than 2 years) drivers to afford to work at Pyle. They are just too far behind in wages and it takes too long to get to top scale. At least that what a few veterans and new guys were telling me.
  2. steelertrucker

    steelertrucker New Member

    ????? It takes 2 years to get to top rate if you have at least 4 yrs. verifiable experience when hired. The average driver gets 50+ hrs. a week.......year round. The only main complaint is too many hours. We haven't had a driver voluntarily leave in over 2 years at my terminal. Not perfect here....but I see nothing better out there.
  3. ADP is not having a problem with turnover, the turn over rate for drivers is less tha 4%. That is not including Pyle Transport which is more like 25%.

    And Pyle Transport is a TL division and TL industry averages a 100% turnover year after year.
  4. owlpuss

    owlpuss Member

    nothing better try holland yellow roadway new penn abf even old d
  5. steelertrucker

    steelertrucker New Member

    You're right....I love living by the phone. Got to be better than my assigned start time and steady hours. What was I thinking??? Where do I sign up?? Our turnover rate and steady workload speaks for itself. :hysterical:
  6. rooundguy

    rooundguy New Member

    It is a very good place to work, but when you dont have 4 years it is painfully slow getting the raises. Its not better anywhere else. I didnt imply that. It is just very difficult in the beginning. Its not a matter of paying your trucking dues anymore. Many drivers have converted from other careers and are not green young fools. People are bringing there experiences from past careers. That should count for something. All I'm sayin is it should be 2 years to top rate for everyone. I still have to buy my kids food. Pyle's top rate is over 2 dollars an hour behind Conway now. That difference is growing. That will cause problems. It already is at my terminal out east.
  7. Cando

    Cando Member

    Just wondering how long you've been w/ADP? I've never had to "live by the phone" at New Penn. Been here 14-1/2 years. And in the age of cell phones, who would have to anyway? Turnover rate? Not sure that is even a concern at most union carriers. My guess would be fractions of a percent. Glad you're happy there.
  8. truckermatt

    truckermatt Member

    yeah, but at conway you work the dock in HARSH conditions..... That why the pay is more... but IMO not worth it.
  9. hardline8071

    hardline8071 Member

    how could this be a good job when they dont pay time in a half until you have worked 45 hours or more the big guys are loving it and the few good jobs that are left out there are being ruined lets all stick together and get what we deserve united we stand departed we fall lets stick together and get what we deserve
  10. It all averages out at the end of the year brother. ADP does not layoff drivers during the slow months.

    So while you may not be getting your OT after 8 or 40, at least you work every day as a newbie, unlike at a union shop.

    ADP also has an incentive program for drivers. We bring in thousands of dollars a year just for doing our job.

    Again, by the end of the year the W-2s are all the same as a union jobs.
  11. rooundguy

    rooundguy New Member

    Four guys left this week alone. The yearly raise this summer only went to the top scale guys, not the other scales. Very wrong cheap move. More and more are moving on. Its a shame because from what I can see it is a pretty good place to work. at least the weeks that they are not screwing arround. Most weeks are good.
  12. owlpuss

    owlpuss Member

    no it does not come close maybe dollars but not when you add our bennies we pay nothing for health no copays right now i need 5 more years and i will be getting 6200 a month pension . good deal for 52 a month.
  13. Yes you are correct, you have an excellent pension, for now. No one knows what it will be like in five years though.

    ADP also provides their drivers with a pension and a company matched 401k.

    To the best of my knowledge not all locals have the same benefits. WHile you may not have co pays, I have friends who are Teamsters who pay over $25 in co pays to go to the doctor and have higher co pays for prescriptions.

    Sure it is great to have free insurance, as long as it is quality coverage. That is not guaranteed for all union members.
  14. hardline8071

    hardline8071 Member

    your start time is a lot better than your pension going to be and we all get time and a half after 8 hours not after working 45 hours
  15. How about the new guy who is starving on a seniority list ?

    ADP does not layoff during the slow times. That counts for something.
  16. CFer

    CFer Active Member

    FoTF, as ADP continues to grow do you think this policy will continue?
    I've seen many companies that started very employee friendly and have really changed their attitudes as the companies grew. All you've got to do is look at some of the company boards here to see it.

    Also, are the drivers guaranteed a certain amount of hours or just that they won't be laid off?

    It's pretty rare to see a company that does not lay off in this industry. I'll give ADP a :1036316054: :1036316054: for that one.
  17. CFer the policy says that ADP will not layoff. I have never had anyone complain to me that they did not get their hours. There are guys who still get a fair amount of OT and those who get by at 35-40 hours.

    People play the game differently. A driver may have to work the dock a few hours. A dock man may end up doing some painting or maintenance work. We also have not had terribly slow wiinters the last few years. Business has been growing steadily, so we are pretty lucky.

    We have some guys on 4 days weeks and there are always volunteers who will take days here and there. While it is a great thing that ownerships does, it also works because we have some great guys working for us.

  18. CFer

    CFer Active Member

    It's good to see that they take care of their guys. Too bad there are not more companies like that out there.

    Go Sox :funky: :bgroovy: :bgroovy:
  19. Lost Cause

    Lost Cause Member

    Conway Freight=$23.05 an HR and
    $0.54 Per Mile
  20. owlpuss

    owlpuss Member

    whats the total pkg health and pension teamster job total pkg is around 32 an hour not looking to debate only compare

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