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Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by Wildbean1, May 17, 2017.

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    Is rideshare (uber) subject to HOS rules? It's a nice supplement, but......
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    During a seminar once we had a consultant that was brought in tell us that any hour worked counted towards your DOT HOS. Not that a lot of it can be caught or proven but he claimed that it included any compensation at all for anything.
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    Any commercial for-hire cartage, regardless of the size of the vehicle, and any type of for-hire passenger service,..... including jitneys , are supposed to be subject to HOS.....

    A guideline is if you are performing compensated work on public tax-financed right-of-ways, you should be keeping track of your hours as per the various schedules in the FMSCA.

    Good luck trying to enforce that.....
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    Any compensated work,wether or not in the service of a motor carrier counts as on duty time. If you think no one will find out, just get into an accident, your fault or not. The lawyers will find out and then it will hit the fan if you are over your hours.
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    I used to cut grass @ my barn in Indy for about 4 years. One day I started cutting grass @ noon & finished up right before I clocked in @ 1530. I then informed the boss I only had 10.5 hours to work. He disagreed with me. I let him know I would stop driving @ the proper time. He called Ft Smith & the next day he said I was right. But the fort said I shouldn't let my second job conflict with my primary. I told him it wouldn't happen in the future. I just wanted to make a point on the HOS rule of other employment. After hearing that he was pissed @ me for the next month. A year later a new TM & new lawn mowing outfit. Which was ok. I got so tired of trying to cut off shrink wrap & plastic banding around my 3 blade spindles that 2 months after losing the contract I was a happy camper. I have to admit, if I submitted my invoices in time I was paid on time. That had more to do with Denny Meyer, the TM @ the time. von.
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