Union Rep in parking lot

Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by Josh Jetton, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. highspeeds


    This guy is nothing but successful. Read his bio. It's nonsensical how everything just works out for him.
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  2. joes bar and grill

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    So was Zollars, right until he ****ed up
  3. vetran peddleman

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    Yeah Hs ...I suspect that his great success thus far is directly attributable to the fact that he's basically built his own business from scratch w/ his own hard work, money, perseverance and uncanny business savvy, (unlike other CEO's whose track records aren't anywhere near what his is cause they don't have as much of their own skin in the game as he does). To these other CEO's, it's just a job. If it doesn't work out... they'll just
    pack up and move on to someone else's company.

    Why is it that all the most successful people in the world seem to have all the luck? Answer: It's not luck, it's all about the above & beyond effort that creates optimum opportunities, (luck if you will), thus enabling them to capitalize on these opportunities and achieve excellence.

    Will he make missteps along the way...no doubt, but cause he's 'all in', he'll use these experiences as learning tools that will make him better for it in the long run.
  4. catchTHErabbit

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    you forgot to mention that they'll pull the cord on the golden parachute as they leave as well

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