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Discussion in 'Oak Harbor' started by livlly909, Mar 2, 2014.

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    Can anyone tell me what the pay scale is for dockworker at Auburn? A friend of mine just started there and was surprised at how low the starting wage was.
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    I would have to look it up but IIRC First Year Dockman would start around $13.70 with a three year progression to to full scale of around $18.10.

    Remember that we are still working under the terms of the contract that expired in 10/07 and they have thrown a few pennies to the non-Union terminals but nothing to the Union ones. This is but one reason that JOak Harbor is the training grounds for all other LTL carriers.

    If your friend think wages and moral suck now wait until they finish all the pending court cases and are able to have a decertification vote which the company will likely win due to attrition. Then watch this company sink to lower depths than anyone thought unreachable.

    Tell your friend to make sure his picture with name is on the break room wall so after three write ups people will remember him. Until that day happens he will slowly learn to like the daily beatings that managers are so happy to give, I have heard some actually start to enjoy them.
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    Tell your buddy to get the training then take it elsewhere as he can only move backward at Oak. Really most everywhere is better. No retirement and no wage increases in seven years . Go now !

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