unskilled truckdriver monkey could drive a truck

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    You know the old saying truck driving is unskilled labor they say a monkey could drive a truck well now they want us to be a computer wiz with the new elog and also drive the truck they better pay me more or they better :tr10driving03: get that monkey to drive it and teach it the computer work. to many more things to do in our day for little pay let that monkey go get fingerprinted get his cld learn the elog run 25 stops a day work 12 hrs a day get high blood pressure they better turn loose of some money in 09 because this more and more crap they are putting on us everyday is getting old everyday it seams like there is something new everyday my 2 cents worth
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    Come on, anybody with 10 years or more, know how to play the game...
    Nobody is force to work more than 10 hours, there is no production language, you are getting pay for training on all this technology at your own pace.
    Remember they get what they pay.
    Economy forces play the game too.
    My two cents here...
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    I wonder if they make c-pap machines for a monkey?
  5. skullcramp

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    Very good point.
  6. skullcramp

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    With some of what's been walking rhrough the door, we already have driverless trucks
  7. Stimpy

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    Lol... that is funny
  8. seabreeze

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    Monkey C, monkey do?
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    Even better Seabreeze, even better. von.

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