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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by maxicoze, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Lagging

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    Would like to know which terminal too
  2. sppollock

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    For City work they are looking for drivers hard in the Seattle terminals, the Portland terminals and San Leandro, those are the only ones that I for sure know about. Look at ups jobs to find one in the area you are looking for.
  3. maxicoze

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    Kinda bored---not enjoying the job like i should. i think this has to do with dealing with other things in life. i still think it's a good gig though.
  4. vongrimmenstein

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    Take a average UPS road driver & what would be his annual gross> Just wondering. Or a lazy driver wages and or the work every hour or mile I can type of wage. Does it hit 6 figures? von.
  5. White

    White Well-Known Member

    You'll not make that here starting out. I'm at 15+ years and make about $2100.

    Per TP in the FXF v UPSF thread.

    So...yeah. :poke:
  6. maxicoze

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    We do have a few drivers both local p+d and road making 6 figures.


    i made 59K last year and i wasn't even at 3rd year pay scale yet, so........
  7. maxicoze

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  8. maxicoze

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  9. maxicoze

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    Please keep suggestions coming as far as linehaul runs that require absolutely no dockwork and preferably during daytime hours only.

    Willing to re-locate.
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  11. maxicoze

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  12. maxicoze

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  13. maxicoze

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    Year end totals:

    Not happy about these numbers one bit:


    $60,890.25 :apologetic:
  14. maxicoze

    maxicoze Member

    A few linehaul runs opened up, so i decided to give it a shot.....


    1) Don't touch jack. No dockwork B.S. Just driving, drop and hook.

    a) haven't said words beginning with S,F, MF, DS, GD, SH, C etc. in a few weeks........


    a)(Speaking of which, my girls are giving me more attention..........funny how that works.......?)

    b) This may very well be the best job in trucking. Mega fun, mega money.

    3) Should i get a suburban or a 3500 HD silverado?
    The money is pretty good; You could buy a kingdom with this kind of money. Or have a castle built for you.

    maxicoze, a.k.a. "DC flash"
  15. drummerforhire

    drummerforhire Well-Known Member

    I'm a Chevy guy myself, but the last truck I bought was a 2016 Ram with the Cummins. Now that you're a linehaul driver I think you can handle it. Congrats on the step up in job.
  16. seabreeze

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    WOW, A job good as sex, either you don't know how to make love, or I don't know how to drive a truck!
  17. holland68

    holland68 Who cares

    May want to save some of that money until you have a contract in place.
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  18. LTLAnonymous

    LTLAnonymous Well-Known Member

    Those are some pretty good numbers. You definitely beat my first year on the parcel side. We're getting there, I guess, right?
  19. maxicoze

    maxicoze Member

    i don't claim to be an expert, but the last time, i was on my back and she was doing all the work and i STILL think the job is as good as sex.
  20. vongrimmenstein

    vongrimmenstein Well-Known Member

    Now this might be a off the wall question, but I gotta ask. You say job, on my back, work, & sex in the same sentence. Is any one person being compensated for any said actions happening on undefined back supporting surface? And if so, just who is doing the compensation. Had to ask. von.

    I forgot, after completion of 'the job' do you expect any workman's comp claims due to 'Oh my aching back'
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