UPS Freight Jan. 1 2015, 68.54 cents per mile $27.15 per hour

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    12 This is the link to their contract. July 1 2018 72.32 cents per mile, $28.65 per hour. Last raise on this contract. They have 4 paid casual days. They have the same 8 holidays we do. Their vacation is paid at 1/52. They get 3 weeks after 8 years service. The company pays for Homeland security background check. They earn a pension of $105 per month for every year of service. 30 years= $3150 per month. UPS freight Teamsters have Central State Health & Welfare same as we do. They Teamsters have to pay a portion of their health care premiums. Here is the exact wording in their contract. Employees covered by CSH&W, (Central States Health & Welfare) shall be obligated to pay the following monthly amounts as a premium for the coverage: Single $45.00, Member and spouse $90.00, Family $135. Print this information and post for the rank and file. Remember UPS is a global multinational corporation that know to make money. So is DHL. (500,000 employees worldwide) DHL runs LTL freight throughout the UK and Europe, Africa and more. To quote the DHL website "DHL will increase LTL tariffs in 2015 to ensure high level of service quality. DHL freight is known to provide its customers with best in class quality for the LTL service. The main cost drivers in the domestic and international LTL market include severe wage increases caused by driver shortages, higher administration, insurance and environmental fees the reduction shipment size and increased delivery frequencies." DHL road freight operates in more than 50 countries and territories and employs approx. 13,000 people. In short DHL very well know how to run an LTL company. I repeat, YRC takes management fees from USF Holland.(they do own them) I believe DHL does the same with us. Though management denies this. 2010 STDF Teamsters have given back wages and benefits of over $9 million per year. About $178 per WEEK pension, and about $200 per WEEK more in wages and other benefits. $378 per week times 52 weeks times 480 Teamsters = over $9.4 million per year.

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