UPS Makes Billions, But Reports Brown is in the Red

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    Are Hall's Days Numbered?
    Hall has not publicly resigned as President of Local 175, but rumors are swirling that he is on his way out as the head of the Package Division and the IBT’s lead negotiator at UPS and UPS Freight.

    Hall is reportedly lobbying for Local 25’s Sean O’Brien to take his place and negotiate the next UPS contract, with Hoffa less than warm to the idea.

    The reports are unconfirmed, but you can see the logic. UPS and UPS Freight Teamsters overwhelmingly backed Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United over Hoffa-Hall in the election.

    That embarrassment follows the 2013 contract debacle. UPS Freight Teamsters rejected their contract outright. UPS Teamsters rejected 18 contract supplements, covering 63 percent of UPSers.

    Hall led the contract negotiations with O’Brien in charge of the supplement negotiations. Neither Hoffa nor UPS management can have much confidence in their ability to get a contract through this time.

    UPS and UPS Freight Teamsters don’t want Ken Hall negotiating our next contract—and we don’t want him as our General Secretary-Treasurer either.

    Come on Brothers and Sisters...give me another chance to get you a good contract!
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    Negotiate is that what they call it? Shoot anyone with half a brain could've done a better job.
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    ...UPS is making billions of dollars in profit every year. There is no reason for any more Hoffa-Hall concessions. Volume is growing. It’s time for UPS to create more full-time jobs and reduce harassment and excessive loads....
    Right, UPS corporate is going to give back some of it's profits and stop working the employees like slaves on the plantation. That scenario is almost as likely as the union authorizing a strike against UPS. Ain't neither gonna happen.

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    Good contract,,,Ain't gonna happen. Teamsters will sell you out again..

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