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Discussion in 'Holland' started by pimpthebrowns, May 14, 2015.

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    With the new contract it's .82 a mile anf 37.44 an hour for doubles by 2018. Running a single trailer is barely less.
    That's for the linehaul feeders. The p&d feeders make a dollar less or so an hour.
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    The only Feeder drivers slinging packages are doing so instead of being laid off. I "think" they are paid their current pay rate to do so, but still only work 4-5 hour shifts. It would depend on the location but it wouldn't happen often, but does happen.In my 10 years there I was laid off 7 months the first year and then never worked less than 50+ hours a week after that first year.
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    Not true for 710 side at cach bottom bottom unless covering a sleeper run only getting 3 to 4days
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    I have to call a couple of the guys that went over to UPS. Two of the guys came over here just got a call from YRC on why they left Holland.? Just another way to waste money, paying someone to make the calls when they already know the answer. A fair day's pay for a fair's day work.!

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