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    I stress to the TMAP Students that Training does not just start and stop with that TMAP program. A great example is new drivers get on these Trucker boards or Facebook pages and see our drivers screwing off and doing the wrong thing. Bullfrog just recently had a driver filming himself riding a pallet jack down a customers driveway! Really?! Or how about filming yourself with a phone in your hand while driving across a narrow bridge and traffics coming at him! These actions are not to be seen by the new hires because that sets the standard in the new drivers eyes.
    I know from what our TMAP driver has said about the program that they are limited on the Military bases because they have no liftgate, can't get freight through the front gate without a bill going to an address on the base. He also said they do a good job at trying to explain or showing as much realistic videos as possible.
    Nothing can prepare a New Driver better than getting to the specific "terminal" and getting LTL training from an experienced and safe driver.
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    I'm military myself,.....but that was a long time ago. We were still carrying spears, I believe...... However, prior to my getting my military "exposure" way back in the early '70's,......I was a typical punk know-it-all, and a high-school dropout. Do I think the military changed the way I approached problems? Yes, I do,.....or either I was growing up......

    40- some years later, my youngest son has decided to go into the Navy,.....this was after 3 years of Division III and Division I football (Go Pitt!)...Long and involved story, and no time for it here,.....But I think he enjoys the structure and responsibility of military life.......It's similar to the high school and college football regimen. He's very responsible and a great decision-maker....( but then so are my other 3 children....)

    My opinion:.......The military gives you a better perspective on responsibility that seems to be lacking in a parochial education. Can the trucking industry use more of that? Heck, yeah!

    Those private home deliveries, and the access to residential and rural areas where trucks are seldom seen,.......The odd, unusual, and labor-intensive-just -to-move-safely shipments,..........All that calls for individuals with a high sense of personal responsibility and liability...........and I'm not talking about AVOIDANCE of either the liability or responsibility,...I'm talking about getting the job done within that framework. NOT using a high level of difficulty to avoid the work, and blaming it on too much liability or responsibility,.....

    Most of us in LTL have developed those "skills" over the years. But since LTL companies have only been hiring experienced LTL guys from companies going out of business in the last 20 years,.......and completely dismissing the possibility that they may need a training program for that "distant" future when the experienced LTL guys are no longer in the job market, those skill sets,.....or something similar that can be adapted to LTL,....are in desperately high demand......

    My concern about the TMAP program is that, their desperation,......... companies are going to spend the bare minimum training these former military people......who are USED to a MODICUM of RESPECT for a job well done,...........and they are going to throw these men and women,.......into a culture that the EMPLOYERS have created over the years,...........of DISDAIN for their skills.....a matter-of-fact attitude from management for a job that requires FAR MORE on a daily basis, than any other blue collar occupation out there,...... and that these formerly highly respected military people will become quickly disillusioned once confronted with the daily disrespect, ignorance, and frustration that we LTL guys experience as normal every day.

    Watch a new driver in a tight dock at a food warehouse,........... How much help will he or she get?...........See a 53'er going down a 10 ton country lane with no hope of turning it around........... Think his dispatcher will yell and call him stupid? Or fire him if there's damage of any sort?........... Liftgate delivery with an irate and ignorant homeowner, who is just waiting for the slightest misstep or damage, he can call your employer and file a claim in the hope of getting his shipment for free? Whose side will management take on that?,........ and will it change if the dollar amount of the claim is significant?

    There is NO OTHER blue-collar occupation that piles on this much INDIVIDUAL responsibility and liability,......with VERY LITTLE guidance or help from management.....( ...namely because if they "offered" guidance or help, or even written instructions, they would share in the liability......Can't have that!....)..........And we experienced LTL guys take this in stride every day........

    I'm not sure very many military people would be comfortable with this. There are many other blue collar occupations that reward responsibility. Trucking is designed on the "Seargent Schultz" principle............Management says: "I know NOTHING,....NOTHING!"............until there's liability and money involved.....And usually at that point, the employer, the Feds, and local laws all presume the driver did something wrong,........

    Schneider has tried a program similar with TMAP,........... and they still have a 90% turnover rate on a yearly basis........ As drivers we all know why,.....and much of their turnover rate has to do with respect and liability......
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    Well, I knocked out my DOT physical and drug test today. It was fairly straightforward and only took about 45 minutes of my time. Since I already keep myself in pretty decent shape, I didn't have any trouble getting a 2 year card. After a quick trip to a local Kinko's, I have a laminated copy in my wallet.
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