Utah - Bad Brakes Lead to Cement Truck Accident

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    (KSL News) -- Bad brakes slip again in North Salt Lake and a cement truck took out six cars.

    It happened at the intersection of Highway 89 and Eagle Ridge Drive, a place where it's happened before.

    Coming down Eagle Ridge, the truck's brakes failed and it swiped two cars in the roundabout. After that it plowed through a fence and crossed Highway 89.

    Trooper Brandon Whitehead, Utah Highway Patrol: "After he crossed and entered the parking lot here, he hit two vehicles that were in the car lot for sale. They were obviously empty. Did moderate damage to those two vehicles and then went over the embankment, as you can see behind me here, landing on top of two other vehicles that were both unoccupied at the time."

    The Geneva Rock truck is being inspected to determine if charges will be filed. Troopers say the driver did warn other motorists with his air horn.

    Just last month a cement pumping truck lost its brakes on the same hill and just missed several vehicles.


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