Vatican II's Lost Condemnations Of Communism Revealed To Public For First Time

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    Pretty interesting stuff......probgably would have made a huge difference in the course of history if released as intended in 1962......Look where the world has went since.
    Editor's note: The lost condemnations of communism prepared for the Second Vatican Council but later discarded and forgotten are now being made available to the public in an English translation for the first time by LifeSiteNews.

    The translations, by LifeSite's Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, are based on the drafts of documents contained in the official acts of the council’s preparatory commissions.

    The documents contain an extensive plan for a coordinated and global effort to counteract the influence of Marxism and communism worldwide and “shatter its audacity.” However, following the takeover of the council’s commissions by the ultra-liberal “Rhine group” bishops, the condemnations were discarded and all attempts to explicitly condemn communism and Marxism were rejected.

    Following the close of the council, the condemnations were confined to the volumes of the official acts of the council’s preparatory commissions, which are written almost entirely in Latin and have gathered dust on the shelves of research libraries for decades – until now.

    In the following report, Hoffman explains the texts and their significance.

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