very concerned about $tock Price

Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by 6PakAbs, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. 6PakAbs

    6PakAbs Well-Known Member

    wow, humbled. How is ODFL so much higher AND Saia (of all ) is even higher.

    What would our stock/earnings be w.o the cuts AND the raises AND the expansion (s) of non union operations be. I know that they are using our cuts to pad the pockets of the execs and expand the non union ops...

    So, I guess the ultimate question would be the pay cuts/bene, would the price be in the YRC range?
  2. GO40

    GO40 Banned

    There has been two articles written in the past couple of month's about this subject, go to yahoo finance put in ARCB & look under news. Bottom line is investors have lost all faith in the current leadership....
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  3. SAC75

    SAC75 Well-Known Member

    Operating ratio. They operate at like .80. We operated at what? Ours had a 1 in front of it. They farm out our work to the other devisions to drag it down
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  4. GO40

    GO40 Banned

    It's a #s game if they want out of freight then get out, the drivers will be fine all the other high dollar people will be in trouble....Just remember all the purchases that were made after they cried poverty....
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  5. SAC75

    SAC75 Well-Known Member

    Exactly! Oh wait..... A company that is barely in business is going to buy us....
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  6. disgruntled teamster

    disgruntled teamster Active Member

    They want out of the union. The squeeze is on. Millions upon millions we have given them and they still are showing bad numbers. yet, still manage to buy non union outfits to pilfer our freight. Can"t hire experienced drivers or dock workers because of this piss poor contract they so badly needed. Then turn around and blame the high OR on Inexperienced dock hands.
  7. toytrucker251

    toytrucker251 Member

    Don't ever forget where the revenue is shifted to. Timekeeper= Panther and U-Pack=Albert Movers
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  8. Top Dawg

    Top Dawg Member

    "A substantial portion of the freight transportation
    related to consumer self
    move services is handled by ABF Freight, which directly invoices customer
    s for such services.
    Certain sales, marketing, technology, and customer service costs incurred by ABF Moving in support of consumer self
    move services provided by ABF Freight are allocated to the ABF Freight segment at cost

    From the 2015 10-k sec filing from arcbest. Remember that every time they tell you moving is making money and freight is losing it. Impossible to make money when you do a job at cost. Yet here they are openly bragging about taking revenue from freight and way to few seem to care, the leadership of our illustrious union certainly doesn't seem to give a rat's ass.
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  9. Muler

    Muler Banned

    Weak Brothers placed us. In this conditition. But hey they have the right to vote the way they wish. At least they had to pay the piper just like us.

    Now that u/pack is gone and the last Mile a division of JB hunt gets all the once assembly jobs we used to get. But all those profits go to abf logistics.

    Broke companies don't build new corporate headquarters with cash.
    Give till it hurts is the new game in the trucking industry. YOUR BROTHER ALWAYS!
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  10. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    That work is/was not worth the toll it took on my body. Now if ABF had the proper equipment to perform the work and I got to hang with a couple of my buddies while we did the job that would have been a different story but neither was the case. So I bid a gleeful farewell to garbage work
  11. canaryinthemine

    canaryinthemine Retirement....The Job I Was Born To Have!

    When you are comparing stock prices, you must remember that each companies stock is a stand alone price. The only constant is what your dollars' worth is.

    Stock at $2.00 a share with only 15,000 shares on the market is worth substantially more than stock at $10.00 a share with 50,000 shares available.....( these are generic numbers)...…..since the market fluctuates on a daily basis.

    It all depends on your research, where the company invested in is headed, and the value of what you spent your money on.

    Can't compare individual stock prices . It's apples and oranges. All you can look at is the history of the stock involved.

    Looks to me like they're running the price down so that a large block can be bought at "fire sale" prices. No charge for my opinion.
  12. iam4us

    iam4us Active Member

    just know, our concessions are paying our health and welfare increases and more. pt was pure profit given.. peed away.. judy took advantage.. still manipulated,, abf didn't purchase new companies..arcbest did... manipulated the ibt old timers again.. out foxed..
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  13. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    I know, isn't that just common sense? :shrug:
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  14. Trucker 206

    Trucker 206 Well-Known Member

    I've also noticed the 'assembly' freight has dried up. Good riddance.
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  15. Boilerpeddle

    Boilerpeddle Drawing found in trailer

    Not all of it. I had some recently, it wasn't exercise equipment but it was assembly and dunnage removal.
  16. GO40

    GO40 Banned

    ABF made Zacks top 5 sell list today....
  17. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    :hilarious: Blue Horseshoe says, "Sell ARCB"? Good for them. Greed is good.
  18. Trucker 206

    Trucker 206 Well-Known Member

    The opportunity to 'fix' this is coming in 2018.
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  19. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    And it will be another missed opportunity if Hoffa or his cronies are still in office.
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  20. Top Dawg

    Top Dawg Member

    Amen Brother!
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