Veteran owned fleet looking for a team for FedEx Custom Critical Tractor-Trailer

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    MSR Transport Services, Inc. is a Veteran owned and operated company looking to hire Veterans and current Guard/Reserve Soldiers ... or any other same household or established team with HAZMAT endorsement. The tractor we have open for immediate seating is a 2016 Freightliner Cascadia Evolution and is already leased onto FedEx Custom Critical and hooked to a Great Dane FedEx owned temperature controlled trailer. With the current Guard/Reserve Soldiers - we guarantee you home for drill and any other military duties on paid runs at full, normal pay.

    Tractor has: refrigerator, microwave, double bunk, Thermo-King Tri-Pac APU, inverter, 24" flat screen TV with company paid EpicVue In-Motion Satellite TV w/DVR and NFL package, 10 speed transmission, PrePass Plus, PikePass, SunPass, Fleet One fuel cards for each driver, hard hats, safety vests ... and we provide 4 company polos and 2 pairs of work pants for each driver.

    Company: MSR Transport Services, Inc.
    phone: 330.571.9502
    Provide in the email: CDL class and endorsements, Name, contact information, quick history of driving experience
    Open Positions: 1 tractor signed on with FedEx Custom Critical

    The drivers will be moving expedited general freight, temperature controlled freight, and other high value products. There is no forced dispatch, and the truck stays with the team. Tractor earns $1.00 a mile deadhead miles and between $1.50 to $1.75 per loaded mile. Team earns a starting percentage of 40% of the gross income of the tractor. That means empty authorized deadhead miles start at .40 cpm to the team, loaded miles are between .60 and .70 cpm to the team. We increase percentage based on additional endorsements and credentials, like TWIC, passport, and DoD clearance. Our current drivers average more than $1,000 each per week.

    WG TVAL, HAZMAT - 40% of line haul & accessorials (.60 to .70 cents to the team per loaded mile, .40 cents per DH mile) ... 100% of labor or inside pickup/delivery paid to drivers.

    We have a bonus program as well for driver referrals, monthly revenue, safety, inspections, and end of the year.

    The company is owned by three Veteran officers of the Ohio Army National Guard and all three are transportation officers and have commanded companies of 170+ drivers. One is still in the Ohio Army National Guard, one is still in the US Army Reserves. We currently have 7 tractors ... 4 at FedEx Custom Critical, 2 at Panther Premium Logistics, and 1 at Forward Air TLX. Eight of our 11 drivers are Veterans.

    Hiring nationwide, no geographical requirements. Other requirements include:
    Class A CDL w/ 6 months experience in 2 years or 1 year in 5 years
    HAZMAT Endorsement

    Veterans and current Guard/Reserve Soldiers - inquire with us about the CDL Waiver Exemption program if you were/are a truck driver in the service and we can help you navigate the paperwork if you need it.



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