Victory for all Overnite workers and Teamsters!

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Flattop, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. steve5

    steve5 Active Member

    Hey where did you go?
  2. Familyman

    Familyman Banned (Punk)

    OK, we're done, good luck to you and yours as I have said before, sorry you felt I was putting you or your co down, that was not the intent.

  3. Familyman

    Familyman Banned (Punk)

    I'm in cognito, shhhhh!

  4. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    Wha happened to all the posters on these boards?

    Do people have better things to do in the good weather of the summer months?

    It seems like theres only a handful of regular poster anymore?
  5. Familyman

    Familyman Banned (Punk)

    Yeah, but if we did you wouldn't have anything to do, just thinking of you. :smilie_132:

  6. Greezy Trucker

    Greezy Trucker Active Member

    Damn thet took you all long enough....Good reading though.....Much enjoyed......Also I like you post there about pro-what works.....Just looking at a situation and finding the way of least resistance is usually the less stressfull....
  7. imported_hobo

    imported_hobo New Member

    If and when you sign a card. Let the union reps know that we EXPECT to be included in the UPS EARLY CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS. anything less is unacceptable. dont let anyone tell you convince you that we have to go with the nfa. WE DO NOT HAVE TO GO WITH THE NFA. WE ARE UPS ONE COMPANY, ONE UNION, ONE CONTRACT
  8. HillBilly Frog

    HillBilly Frog Active Member

    It is the NMFA. National Master Frieght Agreement.
  9. Skeeter

    Skeeter Well-Known Member

    I agree only tied with UPS NOT ltl. When we strike UPS strikes. When UPS strikes we strike.

    Wouldn't happen if we are tied to the LTL. Don't believe it if they say different. When was the last time you saw UPS go out with the LTL. NEVER!

    That is the way I see and want it.
  10. Skeeter

    Skeeter Well-Known Member

    The week after next going on vacation two weeks with the trailer. I won't be on this board for sure. :duh:
  11. stldude44

    stldude44 Active Member

    Strikes are more than likely a thing of the past, at least in the world of trucking....neither side can afford it. That's why you see both sides agreeing to start early negotiations nowdays. They don't want to give anybody elses salesforce the chance to try to scare shippers by predicting a strike and telling them that their shipments will be tied up somewhere. Think about it, it makes sense.
  12. Skeeter

    Skeeter Well-Known Member

    Yes I know that is why the union has no power. All their power is in the strike tactic.
    If the company believes they won't strike then the teamsters has no power.
  13. imported_hobo

    imported_hobo New Member

    thats an excellent piont skeeter im with you
  14. stldude44

    stldude44 Active Member

    You're assuming that the Company will push the Teamsters to the point of a strike....they won't. Both sides understand that and work together, as much as possible, to make it feasible for both sides to accept something in the middle of what both sides demand in the beginning. All of our power isn't in the strike tactic alone. That was long ago. Oh sure, the threat of a strike is there, but trust me, no Company in todays world wants to or will force a strike. Remember, it's all about the customers, and they won't be served very well in the case of a strike, will they? I've been in this Union vs. Company game for 24 years out of my 28 driving and I've been paying attention the entire time. There will be no more strikes in this business, unless somebody loses their mind.
  15. jeff_spicoli

    jeff_spicoli Member

    face it, you work for an ltl company... ups may hold the purse strings, but you guys think you're gonna demand a parcel contract, all i can say is good luck. i hope you get everything, but don't hold your breath...
  16. Teamster251

    Teamster251 Member

    Has anyone of your guys bothered to read the UPS parcel agreement?

    Do you know wht you would be giiving up if you were included in the parcel agreemnt over the NMFA?

    Do you all realize that being a part of ther same agreement gives you no voice?

    Answer to all those are probally NO.

    UPS will catergorize you in you own little article like, the Air Drivers or part timers. You will, not be included in Feeder operations or Package operations.
    Take a look at the agreement and you'll see

    Be careful what you wish for.
  17. steve5

    steve5 Active Member

    I don't know why parcel contract for us keeps comming up, I for one said plenty of times that we will not be under the parcel agreement.
  18. browser321

    browser321 New Member

    You shouldn't be worries about grievences, but about your health care and pension plan. The IBT just wants your money.
  19. you will not be under the parcel and you will not have a master you will have a speciality contract between the union and know who wants your money more than the ibt, the company.
  20. Flattop

    Flattop Member

    brownoser321, nothing could be further from the truth and I suspect you know it. The IBT has no interest in doing anything but bettering your health and welfare and working conditions. If we screwed you all over, do you think we would have any luck organizing anyone else? You all will be the model to which all others are judging. We know this, UPS knows this, and you should know it also.

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