Vitran Announces Agreement to Sell U.S. LTL Business

Discussion in 'Central Transport' started by ltlguy2013, Sep 23, 2013.

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    What was told to us at CT is that the 2 will continue to operate independently. The Morouns do have other LTL assets, so I can believe that.
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    is this todd s?
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    No, I'm not todd.
    I ran out of a drop lot in Wilkes-Barre, the time.
    I would go to Harrisburg and fan out from there.
    Usually Baltimore, Spring City, Winchester, Hagerstown, or Phillipsburg, NJ.
    Then come back to Harrisburg and then Wilkes-Barre with the day freight.
    Sometimes I would run to Roanoke, Pittsburg, Columbus, or Cleveland and layover.
    The Harrisburg terminal was run by a corrupt pair of brothers who were stealing
    high dollar freight off the dock and selling it on the black market.
    We had our own fuel island and they would sell fuel to O/O at half price.
    They tried to force everyone to run illegal and with faulty equipment.
    One time it was snowing hard and they gave me set of doubles to take back up.
    The heavier of the two pups (at 16k lbs) was a liftgate and had to ride in the rear
    as the liftgates have no pintle hook.
    The lighter of the two was barely 4k lbs and thus had to ride in front.
    I wouldn't take a set up like that on a warm /dry day...let alone in a snowstorm.
    I asked the ops mgr which pup he wanted me to leave behind and he blew his top.
    I told him he reworks the load or forget it.
    This is the kinda crap we were expected to put up with.
    We tipped off Pittsburg to what was happening and they were eventually
    caught and told to resign or be prosecuted.
    This was 10 years ago.
    I quit them shortly after.
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    Oh man you guys are screwed Matty Mourn is one of the biggest crooks in Detroit
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    The local ct hired my ex boss. God I wonder if hell be my boss again............ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    What does the average linehaul run pay per mile once the flat rate for the run is divided by miles? Does it average around 54 cents a mile?

    The reason I ask is that is what LH used to top out at before the pay freeze. I cannot imagine Vitran drivers will be paid more than Central Transport drivers. I am wondering what kind of pay reduction we are looking at.
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    My family starves on Vitan pay..I can't afford much of a cut at all.. I'm only bread-winner..lots of kids, one with special needs and constant doctor visits...specialist co-pays are bankrupting me.
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    Well, I was an O/O for Central out of Irwin, Pa. back in the'80's. The Moroun family owned about 8 carriers, all operating under different names,...fairly similar logos. They also owned the Peace bridge in Detroit........I might have the name wrong,'s the one that goes into Windsor. Central,...att that time,....was one of the most non-Union Union carriers I had ever worked for. Payoffs for good loads were common, so was theft and hijacking. Saw an O/O's tractor in their Romulus, Mich. terminal with all the tires slashed, and the windshield broke out. On company property. It stayed there for a month like that.....rumor was that it was a "subtle" warning to the O/O's to toe the company line. There were too many "subtle" things going on at this company,....I broke my lease about 6 months into the deal, and went somewhere else. "Seniority" existed at the whim of the individual Terminal Manager,.... sometimes you had it, and sometimes you didn't. So,...about 10 years later, Central Transport had shed all their Union contracts, and had de-certified with the Teamsters. I had always wondered if things had gotten worse,....or possibly better. Good Luck, guys. Over the last 37 years, I had 9 carriers fold, dissolve, get bought out, merge,.....what have you. Became an O/O after winning a NLRB lawsuit with a settlement against one of those companies. Any merger, buyout, or consolidation of operations I was into, meant that I was out of work......maybe it's just me......Once again, guys......don't look for protection if you're in an employment-at-will state, such thing as "seniority" there. As usual, the companies will "cherry-pick" who, and what they want, and discard the rest. Welcome to the "plantation on wheels" that trucking has become since de-regulation.....
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    Darn shame, drivers should never have to experience this. If they would just look at us as pros.
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    128 Million - wow.

    I remember how chaotic the PLG terminal seemed at the time. Having said that, PJAX was a good outfit to work for back then. I was casual (3x a week) and Jeff etc always took care of me. I took pride in my work and in my equipment. Sorry to see them go!
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    Where did Jeff go after the merger? I know Jimmy was selling diesel additive and Donny just retired. What happened to Jeff?

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