Vote No FOR PLAN B Too!

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by Kennesaw Kid, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Kennesaw Kid

    Kennesaw Kid Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, I know....we don't have it yet, but it will still be an extension of giving them back 15% out of our checks each week for the next 5 years!
    In my case, that would be another $213 per week in mileage pay (does not include any clock time) and another $228 per week in lost Pension Credits!

    Thats just a minimum of $22,932 per year for just me....many more have amounts greater than that.

    AND, just where has all that money gone to that we were told was needed to pay off the Company's dept?

    EVEN if plan B is nothing more than an extension of what we have NOW, is you know, this is not the first....nor the second....nor the third time....etc...etc, that they have come back for another drink at the well.....We voted "Our Own Destiny" on 1/9/14 and they did not like the outcome, so lets hurry, hurry and vote again before it is too late.

  2. slavenomore

    slavenomore US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions

    And if the option is close the doors......what good does a no really do?

    Is anybody else gonna put that in your pension for ya?
  3. thefog

    thefog New Member

    well said if i ever have the privilege to meet you i would proud to shake your hand thank you from a 30 year teamster
  4. bandersnatch

    bandersnatch Member

    I'm not sure that you've made the case that an extension is unacceptable. I don't think anyone is under the delusion that the company could survive under a full snap back to previous contributions and wages.

    The only thing that is unacceptable is advocating that people decide how to vote before reading the proposal. Maybe they can just wait to read your inevitable executive summary?

    So...5 more years of wasting your money will be fine with you?
    I don't have to read anything to know WE do not get anything back..that's why they call it CONCESSIONS.....KK..

    Adorable - I like this post within a post thing. Just like voters in the US we each pick an issue to beat to death. Yours is the responsible use of funds that you consider yours. Once again, I don't consider it my money until it is deposited into an account that I own.

    I'm fundamentally interested in the survival of good paying high benefit jobs that allow Teamsters to support their families and provide better opportunities to their kids. If I have to give a little back or enable some incompetent management decisions to make sure those opportunities survive - I will. But I'll damn sure read the proposal first.

    Besides, I've lived through 60 years of the government wasting my money but it hasn't made me think "enough is enough" yet! I know the grass may seem greener on the other side when times are tough, but I wouldn't be so quick to make financial demands that the company can't shoulder.
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  5. Kennesaw Kid

    Kennesaw Kid Super Moderator Staff Member

    They said the same BS on this last vote and STILL the majorty of the employees did not buy the threats as made in the other votes.....enough is enough......I am not concerned with my pension, as it is all gone now and we wll be getting our checks from Uncle Sam when the Pension Act passes Congress very shortly!......KK
  6. aztec warrior

    aztec warrior Member

    Even with the 15% cuts, Imw making more money here compared to what I was making in non union companies when I was laid off back at 2009 so I wont get persuaded for voting no but good luck to everyone of you guys.
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  7. bandersnatch

    bandersnatch Member

    The people we pay large sums of money have apparently negotiated this one on our behalf. I'm not sure all of the no votes were saying "enough is enough." I do think it was an overwhelming signal that Teamsters will not support any agreement that was not explicitly negotiated by the IBT.
  8. Bosslinco76

    Bosslinco76 Active Member

    They are banking on no one showing up with this B/S on a vote at the hall! This is a Ken Hall move to get what the company wants. Ballots could be mailed and returned in a 3 week turnaround of sorts! Do your best to show up and vote. It is your rite to do so!:usa2:
  9. wongway

    wongway -15% Pay , Never forget

    please post plan B , IF it comes out today ??? hopefully they won't keep it secret till the vote meetings this weekend ? thank you
  10. devil dog

    devil dog New Member

    Kk, I have always enjoyed reading your posts and valued your opinion. However I feel that making your opinion a sticky is taking things abit too far.
  11. Sgt. Schultz

    Sgt. Schultz Member

    On the first offer, they stated that it was" either accept it or we`ll close the doors". Well, that statement wasn`t true. Now YRC has shown that they can not be believed. What will plan "B" offer? My guess is not much more. Everyone has a vote and can vote however they want, but I hope everyone examines these offers very carefully and looks at the long term consequences for themselves and their co-workers before they vote for something that can have a very negative outcome for any of the YRC rank and file. Both the company and the union have a vested interest in getting the agreement ratified. If you vote for a bad agreement, the only losers will be the YRC employees.
  12. thefog

    thefog New Member

    kk my post was directed to you not one of these people who are only teamster by name
  13. tutone710

    tutone710 Your Retirement Canceled

    Local 710

  14. TC1

    TC1 Active Member

    I'm waiting to see the plan before I say one way or another about my vote.
  15. albag

    albag Pray for peace! Gold Member

    I will add that IMO it is reckless AND irresponsible to demand a vote yes or no, SIGHT UNSEEN.
  16. scalgrasshopper

    scalgrasshopper Active Member

    WTF ? vote No before you even see it?? ...Yea now you got NO credibility,and I DGAF how long you've been around or what other OPINIONS you think are right about the company I WORK for too ..
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  17. ESP

    ESP Well-Known Member

    Aztec, sounds as if you have been there and done that!, Good first post, welcome to the boards.
  18. hollandboomer

    hollandboomer Member

    KK, I've read alot of your posts over the years and agreed and disagreed from time to time. But your being very unfair using your moderator position to decide how people should vote. This should be a forum to discuss, research and agree to disagree if it comes to that. Thanks for listening to my babble.
  19. everready

    everready Member

    Like you I have lived through 59 years of Gov. waste and I have lived through(almost didn't) the over 5 years of Company waste. Like KK I know the pension is going to come through the Gov. but as far as extending the current concessions, money wise we have learned on how to live with the amounts I am making now and I have learned to live without a weeks vacation. But the big thing is I know(my opinion) the Company will not survive without our help and the banks help. I know I don't want to have to look for another job now. 34 year 2nd generation Teamster. The biggest thing is at least our union leaders were able to possibly say something as far as meeting with the company goes.
  20. oneofus

    oneofus Member

    I'm going to see what's in the proposal before I decide if it's a reasonably deal or another shove up the a@@, i do know that we don't have the money or the time to keep voting to plan q r and s, we may not even have the time for plan c and I'm going to take all that into consideration as well, this proposal is said to address a lot of the issues that made many vote no in the first round but the company can't afford full pay into the pension and the full 15% at this time so I also don't think it's a reason to put everybody out of a job because of past management stupid mistakes
    In the same breath it's not our job to shoulder the whole load to fix the mistakes but there definitely is a middle ground and that's what I hope for, not a flat out no, not a shove me whatever you got either, let's meet in the middle, leaned a lil in our favor of course lol

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