Vote No FOR PLAN B Too!

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by Kennesaw Kid, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. zibeman69

    zibeman69 Member

    Wow, let me know how you feel when you're down to minimum wage , But the vote is over for now. I will be back on the board's in 6 month's or sooner when they ask for more give back's, so get ready it's coming !!!!

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  2. zibeman69

    zibeman69 Member

    Maybe if I keep telling you guy's you just don't get it !! You'll get it. I doubt it.

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  3. Wrench97

    Wrench97 Well-Known Member

    The voting is over time to suck it up and get back to work, or move on.
  4. Triplex

    Triplex Experienced stalker

    With all that profound wisdom that so many of us seem to lack you ought to go far in life. How far have you actually gone up till now?
  5. zibeman69

    zibeman69 Member

    Far enough to know you just don't get it, but don't feel bad you're not the only one. Please no suicide's.

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  6. Triplex

    Triplex Experienced stalker

    Don't flatter yourself. We "get it" better than you know. :smile:
  7. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    No Don't go! Don't make us wait to read more of your insightful and deeply intellectual posts....Can't speak for the rest....But I'd miss you if you were gone for six months....or sooner......

    Yes!! Keep telling us! ........

    Just kidding with you zibeman69...... The vote is over.... We go on......I hope the best for you and your family Mr zibeman69.....

    Take care....
  8. oneofus

    oneofus Member

  9. jimmy g

    jimmy g Kook

    Suicide is not a joke. One of my Preston co-workers killed himself when he couldn't get a good union job after we closed. Many on here talk tough- but I've been thru it. I find the toughest talkers often lose the most....
  10. SinC

    SinC It's been real.......

    Why all the capital letters? Vision problem.. lost glasses and can't make font bigger (too much work) soooo type IN CAPS... :)
  11. SinC

    SinC It's been real.......

    YEP!! How YRC votes will effect other UNION jobs... But not the economy? government? or anything else? WOW.. YRC has mad power.....
  12. SinC

    SinC It's been real.......

    You are absolutely right!! I will be down to minimum wage.. Obama is going to see to that is short order here... we must all have what our neighbor has!! Who gives a rip what the company votes in or out or what!! :) $15.00 min wage is right around the corner!! :) Shoot - I'll get a RAISE if that happens... how F***ing sad is that!! :)
  13. GO40

    GO40 Banned

    monkey see monkey do.... You can thank ABF for giving yrc the purchased transport idea, let's see in a few months how we'll that works out for you....
  14. SinC

    SinC It's been real.......

    We has a few suicides here in 2008... not funny!
  15. SinC

    SinC It's been real.......

    Monkey see Monkey do.... If I want to see a monkey I'll go to the Zoo! :wee:
  16. jimmy g

    jimmy g Kook

    You'll be richer than you believe. Today, I called my Congressman (at least once per week). Said, since Obama wants to raise minimum wage to 10.10, Republicans need to show they care ten times as much and introduce a bill to raise it to 100.00 per hour. Illustrate absurdity by being absurd. Actually, why not just have the government declare every citizen a millionaire. It's all made up anyway. Headed for collapse if people figure out it's worthless.....
  17. Real Teamster

    Real Teamster Active Member

    Well thanks, but no, I'm a City Driver for quite a few years now.
  18. MuddleVanHeck

    MuddleVanHeck Active Member

    I think Sin was making a funny. Everybody here has been accused of being a manager, that is, if you were for saving the company.

    See? We all get to be managers! Yay! Too bad we don't get paid accordingly, huh? :-D

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