wage cut or two tier system?pension?

Discussion in 'New England Motor Freight' started by buffalobill, Jul 14, 2011.

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    hi, i have a possible job offer in wny for linehaul, and was told that even though the top rate is 45 cpm, that anyone hired will top out at .41 for the duration of the contract. is this a two tier system, or do all drivers share these concessions? are the drivers hired under this expected to come up to the regular rate of pay when the new contract is negotiated?

    also, what is the pension like? is it a good return? how long is the vesting period?
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    when i was with them, the vesting period was 5 years. i left them in 9/2005, so i cannot say if the vesting period is still the same. as for linehaul, again, when i left, i was 3rd on the list, and i was getting 42ยข back then in 2005. the pension, they were not really contributing too much, but it'll help along with SS and any other investments YOU SHOULD be making over the years.

    now hopefully, someone (like maybe a shop steward) will provide you with more up to date info...by the way, where is "wny"...????
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    Hey bro,
    I don't know what your experience level is or driving record, but I would apply with ABF, New Penn, Holland, or any other Teamster represented company. NEMF is a second rate outfit at best. Poor management, poor union reps, and a JOKE of a contract. (about the size of a comic book) They are represented by the IAMAW (machinists union) and you don't get much bang for your buck (union dues). They have always been second rate and they seem to be just fine with that. I understand you need a job and good luck with them. Here are a few comparisons as far as benefits and rules:

    Teamsters dues: $60/mo. (includes medical, eyeglass, dental,
    pension (around $100 or more per year of service )

    Machinists dues: $40-55/mo. DOES NOT include ANY benefits
    Medical care is an ADDITIONAL $160+ per mo.
    Dues cover pension which differs GREATLY depending
    on what terminal your'e at. Dental is $15/week.


    NEMF: one of the worst csa 2010 ratings for lTL companies

    Teamster LTL companies: held to much more rigorous standards due to greater language in their contracts.

    Grieveance/ discipline:

    WOW, where to start here, ok an example of disciplinary acts on file:
    1.) warning letter stays on file for 9 months, then it's thrown out and
    has no bearing on any future incidents.
    2.) If you get a letter, Teamster companies have 2 weeks to get
    the letter to you...after 2 weeks, it is considered too late and therefore void.


    1.) warning letters have no statute of limitations & stay on /in your file permanently

    2.) They can issue the letter anytime..no time limits (this is especially troubling)

    This is just to give you and others some idea of the differences between the two unions....if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.
    NOW, just think of your rights/benefits if you drive for a company that has no collective bargaining at all ! Scary for sure. Good luck :)
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    what a first post.............very accurate..Nemf is a tough company to figure out...i heard they layed off workers and now there hiring....your employment wont be for long..when it gets slow again the'll send ya packin
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    so vamike258, if the pension does come out of dues, could you tell me roughly what type of benefits you are looking at after a while? I am just looking for a ballpark figure, as i am comparing it to a teamsters shop i know of that ends up with a rough benefit of 65$ a year, which is low, but if someone put 30 years in, he would retire with almost 2000 dollars a month, on top of whatever you saved, and whatever you get from SS. I am definetly curious to what you would get from a full career with NEMF, as I have been told that there are guys at NEMF in Buffalo with 27 years on the board. I am just guessing, but it seems like it would have to be decent to get freight drivers to stay at a non teamsters shop in Buffalo NY in 1984, as almost every freight company in town would have been teamsters at that time, and it would have been feasible to get another teamsters job.

    I do have to say, i have been looking at them because someone i know who has been around ltl freight for a while has told me he actually really enjoyed his time there. he will come right out and tell me that you will not make top rate money there, but you do have rights under the contract, and that you will have a retirement plan. That guy is now back running the road at YRC, but he has talked up NEMF every time he could, and said he would have went back to them without a second thought if given the chance.

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