Wal-Mart maybe the Best professional driving jobs in this era !

Discussion in 'Wal-Mart Drivers' started by TAH, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Wal-Mart drivers might have the best driving positions in the World at this moment . High pay , great benifits , secure work enviroment , good stock price . .......
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    That doesn't mean they're the best drivers.
  3. Jeff

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    One thing you can never get from a Walmart driver is exactly what do they pay and exactly how good are their good benefits..... Enlighten us driver
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    Word on the street is they sign a disclosure agreement on pay and benefits.
  5. mildew

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    They make $.40 sumpin cents a mile and get paid for a lot of little things. They work weekends and holidays. My friend made $68k there last year and drives a long way to work. Nobody leaves our company to work there.
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    ok,I'm a walmart driver. What I earn is between me....wal-mart....& the IRS.As far as my driving abilitie's are concerned, 30+ year's accident & violation free. btw, I have 11 year's with wal-mart.
  7. mildew

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    If I worked for the biggest employer in the world and drove for .40 sumpthin cents a mile I would be hush, hush also.
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  9. wally6092

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  10. I don't think .40 something is anywhere close to the real number. I know there are many factors that weigh into a private fleet drivers compensation, all said and done I think the real number is north of .65 per mile. Any Wally guys care to comment on how close this is to the real number,it was worth a try!

    My teamster grocery job averages out to .6851 cpm or 27.61 per hour that's on a five day bid with and extra day for a total of 2700 miles, I average 67-70 hours in six days and am home every night. We get a combination of mileage pay .4837 cpm and hourly work time for anything done when not behind the wheel paid at 21.79 per hour plus a four hour premium for working the extra day on top of a bid. I have been told by an ex fellow employee who is now driving for the private fleet that he took a small pay cut but the little perks like the flexibility in scheduling and only driving in once a week more than made up for what little he lost.

    To sum it up I think the private fleet for sure ranks in the top four along with UPS feeder drivers, most teamster grocery drivers and of course master freight drivers. You have to look at what each has to offer and how much time it takes to get to the top of the ladder in both seniority and pay. Most teamster jobs require five or more years before you can feel secure and know your safe but that's not set in stone and companies are still laying off drivers. Wal-Mart drivers as well as most grocery and retail drivers are in segments of the industry that are almost immune to the effects of the economy. People have to eat and they are always willing to spend money on the things that make life more comfortable. My company pioneered the one stop shopping model and Wal-Mart picked up on the idea with the super center stores.
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  11. bigbird42368

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    I know a former Wal-Mart driver said he was on the work a week off a week run they have and made $52,000 a year. He only worked 6 months a yr that way. Sounds like way more then .40 something a mile
  12. And you dont have to worry about a monster freight company buying you out,trying to steal your freight and screwing up a great freight company.Then when they find out that you have loyal customers they try to change the way you have done things for years. O ya,did i mention that they are over a billion dollars in debt and their stock is worth less than 20 cents?
  13. mildew

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    It's the other things they get paid for that make up the difference. They used to start at .038 per mile and top out at .046 they may have had a pay increase since then. I may be off by .02 cents at the present moment. I used to know the exact numbers but I can't remember now. They get a decent wage for their 10 hour break while sleeping in the truck. I don't think they get anything for breaking at a motel. They get drop and hook pay bumping a dock pay etc. 25% discount for everything in the store. It all totals up to around .75 cents a mile. That's just what I know. My previous post was to provoke a wally driver to spill the beans. I guess they really do weed out the un professional drivers and keep only the best of the best. My apologies to all you wally drivers for my previous post. More info here. www.drive4walmart.com
  14. How would the company know if you took your ten off in the bunk or in a room?
  15. mildew

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    That's probably one of the reasons they give lots of interviews before they hire you. They want honesty. Only an idiot would take a chance of losing a good job during this worsening economy over a few bucks.
  16. I seem to remember in one of my two interviews this subject came up and I thought I remembered being told drivers are paid for their ten and are free to take time off in either the bunk or a room,obviously your going to end up ahead the more you break in the truck. Maybe this has changed since my last interview in 2004 and I get the point on the honesty if this is not the way things are currently done. When we lay (unscheduled or scheduled) we get our room at the Red Lion or Super 8 on direct bill and 15.00 for meals provided by the company. If on the very rare occasion a driver opts to leave his trailers at a store and lay at home they lose the 15.00 but its their choice. The office frowns on guys laying at home but it does happen and I have never seen any one pulled into the office for a chat.
  17. MMM, Red lion or super 8? Does that include bedbugs?
  18. TAH

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    because they pay for the room . you give up the layover pay
  19. trucker_dad

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    It's a matter of trust,get caught,your fired,seen it happen to a 15year top driver.
  20. Confederateghost

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    If you want to make some easy money go to work for a cryogenics company. Slow cryogenic bulk tanker trucks but big pay checks home every day what few days you layover they put you up in a nice hotel plus buy your meals. These companies are all about safety but they pay better than you will ever find any where else, 65,000 to 75,000 a year.

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