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    To be sure I gave you a correct answer I called and asked an operations manager. Our rider policy is year round but is limited to spouses,children,grandchildren and other immedite family members over the age of six. Where I came from we could bring one rider out for a guest trip during the month of June as my kids got older it caused big problems when it came time to pick who got to go truckin with dad. Most of our guys and gals have grown children but I do see grandkids out on the trucks and of course spouses.

    You will not have to worry about being gone for more than a few days. We run more of a line haul style operation where we run out and back for the most part. You will start your week usually with a store load then depending on the DC you might grab a backhaul or run back empty. Sometimes a backhaul will run you into another DC in which case you may spend a day or two at most working for them then you work your way back home. There have been very few weeks where I have been out of the area for more than a day ot two,on the other hand there are weeks where I could take my ten hour breaks at the house a few times a week if I wanted to but we are paid to break on the truck so I break at the DC. You will most likely start out on the flex or extra board with a five day week,you may go right into a 6/3 which is six days out and three days at home,the days off rotate thru the month so you can plan your out of work activities. When it comes time to your go home day they are very strict about getting you back in for your days off no "could you please just take this last load" thats a huge no,no and will never happen. They are always aware of when you need to go home and they plan around getting you back when its time.

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