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Discussion in 'Wal-Mart Drivers' started by Double-Clutch, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Double-Clutch

    Double-Clutch Member

    Worst insurance I ever had.
  2. Extreme4x4

    Extreme4x4 Member

    Thank you for the very informative post. I'm sure that this will help many folks who are considering trying to get on with Walmart.

    That said, I have had no issues with mine. Of course, the coverages are different depending on DC location. With the way that insurance is heading these days, pretty soon it will all leave something to be desired.
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  3. trucker1979

    trucker1979 New Member

    I turned down the job because of the insurance. I have teamsters insurance now and it is way better and I pay nothing for it.
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  4. Extreme4x4

    Extreme4x4 Member

    If you are a Teamster, you pay union dues. Thus, it is not free.
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  5. Infidel

    Infidel Active Member

    Union dues have nothing to do with insurance premiums. Dues pay the expenses related to representation.
  6. trucker1979

    trucker1979 New Member

    I pay nothing for my insurance and 62 dollars a month for my union dues, big deal. My insurance is way better than walmart. I have for a family 400 dollar deductible and 2000 out of pocket maximum per year. My dental pays 100 percent on almost everything. Walmart cannot come close to that with there insurance. I know for a fact I was there passed there pre trip, road test etc. I saw what they had to offer for insurance and is was not good, plus the cost alone would be 5200 dollars a year. I figured it would cost me 10000 dollars a year or better with walmarts insurance over teamsters insurance so I stayed at abf.

    My wife to be is a cashier at walmart and is a diabetic since she was 2 years old. Thank god she will have teamsters insurance!!!!
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  7. Extreme4x4

    Extreme4x4 Member

    I understand that Walmart cannot compete with Union insurance. I was just stating that because you pay Union dues, the insurance is not free. Unions do not offer the benefits that they once did, to justify the dues. However, insurance is a big one.

    I pay $3588 for the year, for the best insurance available, including the best dental, for our family. Like yours on the dental, most is free short of major. I do understand that the insurance plans are different based on where you are based out of.

    I don't know how your pay works out. In Dec, I will have been here 2 years. In that time, I will have received 4 raises, with another probably coming in March of next year. So, in most cases the increase in pay goes a long way to mitigating the increase in insurance costs................. plus more on top of that.

    I came from a very good tanker job to come here. My first year pay was equal to my best year there, with a lot lower costs for insurance. This year will be significantly higher. What I have gained in lack of stress, respect, and job security can't even be measured in money.

    Just keep it in mind for the future.

    My wife is a chronic asthmatic, and we have a son also, so I certainly understand.
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  8. yrc-atm

    yrc-atm commodities relocator

    The dues pay for the costs of representation. The employer pays for the insurance, so it is free. If I were to buy my insurance it would be in the neighborhood of $300 per week. So I guess $50-60 per month in dues certainly is justified for the benefits.
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  9. Extreme4x4

    Extreme4x4 Member

    I understand what dues are for. The thing is, Union drivers have been getting less and less in terms of representation. A lot of Union drivers have taken cuts in pay, for the companies to try to stay competitive. However, the insurance is still a great deal, for the price of the dues.

    Our insurance is $114 every two weeks, plus $24 for dental.

    Like I said, Walmart cannot compete on insurance. However, they are more than competitive on wages, and often times offer a much better work environment.................... which was the HUGE difference for me.
  10. trucker1979

    trucker1979 New Member

    I am not saying walmart private fleet is not a good job. I was all set to join the private fleet, but the insurance stopped me. Also being gone 4 nights 5 days a week set in and I am not sure I wanted that. Also giving up 9 years in the union is a tough thing to do, I am only 35 with 9 years already. Also job security was a big thing also. We make a mistake we get fired take a couple weeks off and the union gets our job back, not that I have ever needed that, but it is nice to know its there.

    If I was going to be an over the road driver it would be with walmart. I am a road driver at abf now, but I am home every other day or everyday, usually out and back or a turn.

    You would be hard pressed to find better insurance than we have as teamsters. It's not just the cost it's deductibles, major medical out of pocket etc. it was not the cost at walmart it was the deductibles, major medical out of pocket etc. that I did not like.

    We are treated well and with respect at abf, even at foreign terminals.
  11. Double-Clutch

    Double-Clutch Member

    So it works for you.....So what about the warehouse or store associate who is making far less than you are and has the same insurance. Wal-mart's insurance is affordable to purchase, it's just to expensive to use.... in my opinion. My experience is much different than yours, I've had really good insurance over the years from both Union and Non-union companies. I find it hard to fathom that an employee of ANY company should pay, in my case $7,000.00 before insurance pays anything ($2,000.00 in premiums, $5,000.00 deductible) per year.
  12. Extreme4x4

    Extreme4x4 Member

    Our son had to have surgery last summer. We paid $1800 out of pocket.

    Which policy do you have?? Is there a HMO available at your location?? Yes, some of the cheaper plans do have much higher out of pocket. You might check to see what else is available for your location.
  13. trucker1979

    trucker1979 New Member

    I agree 100 percent with double-clutch, he put it perfectly walmart insurance is affordable to purchase just to expensive to use. That is what stopped me from joining the private fleet!! The best I saw for my area was 3000 dollar deductible and 5000 out of pocket max per year. How do I go from a 400 dollar deductible with 2000 out of pocket max per year to that? Plus the cost would be 5200 a year compared to zero now. That's 10800 dollars a year more out of my pocket!!
  14. Double-Clutch

    Double-Clutch Member

    You are only taking into account what you pay as a premium ($3,588). You have to also consider what you have to pay out of pocket until the deductible is met. I believe you have the $3,500 deductible plan that also has to be met before insurance starts to pay and even then it is at 80% (coinsurance).
  15. Double-Clutch

    Double-Clutch Member

    "he put it perfectly walmart insurance is affordable to purchase just to expensive to use"

    This may very well be by design!!
  16. Double-Clutch

    Double-Clutch Member

    Who here knows about insurance? Is the only reason wal-mart can't compete with union insurance is there unwillingness to pay for it or are there other circumstances? They have probably as many if not more employees than the teamsters union has members. Thoughts!!
  17. bentrim

    bentrim New Member

    Wal-Mart's insurance is more of a "major medical" plan unless you want to pay allot out-of-pocket monthly. But once the insurance kicks in it is pretty good compared to what is out there (teamsters insurance excluded lol). I know that my insurance pays 100 percent on well-care visits for my family and also comes with 1,000 or more in yearly cash coverage so the first 1,000 dollars worth of medical bills and prescription drugs are covered 100 percent before the deductible starts. I'm not in any way, shape or form trying to "brag" about Wal-Mart insurance but after leaving a major union LTL company to come here my income increased by WELL OVER 10,000 dollars yearly while being treated well and driving equipment that isn't flattening out the discs in my back so maybe i'll also save money on insurance by having better mental health, less anger and depression possibly less back issues in the future lol. Maybe i'm wrong but i look at Wal-Mart Transportation as being good alternative to the LTL atmosphere but with LTL pay and i personally like that.
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  18. Extreme4x4

    Extreme4x4 Member

    My plan has a $1500 deductible.
  19. DaTeamster

    DaTeamster New Member

    very well said bentrim, 33 yrs in Teamsters, had no problem leavin to go to Wal-Mart, EXCELLENT culture, luv the 401, why is no one talking about when the Teamsters give the pension 2 the goverment u will only get 40cents on the dollar...its not if but when it will happen....good day fellas
  20. trucker1979

    trucker1979 New Member

    I don't know about the future of the pension, but if it goes down hill I am sure I will have a very good 401k match from abf. Walmart is a good driving job, but they need to offer there drivers better insurance. I have had surgeries and paid nothing. I go to the dentist they tell me it's the best dental they have ever seen. I get prescriptions for a dollar or two for three months worth. With my future wife being diabetic and needing insulin, pump supplies, and other medications there was no way I could leave abf for walmart private.

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