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    Hey. Question for Ward Employees. I'm going threw the hiring process right now. I was wondering have u received any of the 8.9 percent giveback back yet.

    And how is the benefits and rest of the hirin package.

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    They have only given back 2% thus far but they increased our cost of health insurance 3%. I've been employed by Ward for only 3 years, but it is by far the most miserable place I've ever worked.

    They really treat you like crap if you run a city pedal. At least at the terminal where I work. The dispatcher takes complete and utter joy in being a miserable *****. The pay is not bad but the benefits are crap.
    The Doctor I go to has my medical insurance labeled as Generic. From what I gather it used to be a good place to work before that handed it over to the worthless son.

    If he continues to run the way he has it will just be a memory in ltl. All our Drivers are disgruntled. Dock employees don't give a crap either. Hell, the only happy people are the short timers for obvious reasons.
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    upsfreight in columbus oh is hiring. upsf/jobs.com

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