We can do better than this

Discussion in 'Averitt Express' started by jeepman, Mar 17, 2012.

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    While at the "Jewel" of the south..FUL, I wanted to clean my windows and rinse off the white slime from the truck wash....I encountered this.......COME ON AVERITT YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS...


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    But we are supposed to hold Averitt up as the best thing since aluminum cans and they treat all their employees so fairly and equitable pay and millions of dollars on hand-out gas cards for goofy as hell reasons and we find this at most locations that even have somewhere to wash your windows. BUT BY GOD MAKE SURE YOU GET OUT OF THE GATE ON TIME!!!! Far more important things for them to concern themselves with than the need for clean windows.

    I am telling you that we are employed by the laughing stock of the industry. Until the incompetent upper management of this company is replaced or die off, we are stuck with these ridiculous sights all over the system.

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