We Hear You: The Minimum Wage, Welfare, Medicaid … and Walling Off the Eiffel Tower

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    The results of this study on the minimum wage were well known before it was made. Any competent businessman knows his gross has to exceed his expenditures, or his business will go belly up in short order.

    Had the feel-good libs paid any attention to that in college, this wouldn’t be an issue. And as long as they think it isn’t coming out of their pockets—it’s other people’s money—a $15 minimum wage has their full support.

    Then they will wonder why Starbucks charges even more for their exorbitantly priced coffee.—Jim Hanson"


    The minimum wage was originally started to introduce young people into the workforce. Self-reliance and accepting responsibility while learning. It should remain that way.

    However, teenagers today have another outlook concerning work. Some do want to work because their family needs the money, but others whose families have means would rather not, and see these types of jobs as beneath their stature.

    Society has changed in my 76 years on this earth, and for the most part for the good, but many parents have lost their way when it comes to parenting—allowing their children to shrug off responsibility. For those who are adults in their 30s and 40s working at minimum wage, demanding more money for a position that is an entry-level position, you need take a look at yourself.

    Yes, there are mentally challenged individuals who work at entry-level positions, and I applaud companies that hire them. I also applaud those who are working a second job to make ends meet. But for those who have no ambition and would rather stay at the bottom of the ladder, I say $7.25 is just the ticket.—Chuck Faraci Sr.


    The minimum wage actually was not originally started to introduce young people to the workforce. It was included in the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act specifically to get them out of the workforce. Child labor was ubiquitous in America’s factories and mines of the 1930s. My dad was one of them in the coal mines, working alongside his father.

    Those kids were blocked from an education because they were being terribly exploited instead. We cannot ever forget or ignore why the legislation was signed, sealed, and delivered by :censored: Democrats and FDR.—John Kominitsky


    Lost in all this is that some workers drawing the higher minimum wage do not object to their hours being cut. Why? Because at some level they would lose all their free government assistance like welfare, food stamps, rent subsidies, cell phones, and all the rest.

    With hours cut, they have cash in their pockets and all the free stuff. Ah, the good life.

    Then there are all those entry-level jobs lost to high school kids, jobs where they would learn a work ethic, dealing with the public, teamwork, and punctuality. Why would any employer hire an unskilled person at $15 an hour when he could get a more or less skilled worker for the increased minimum wage?"

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