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Discussion in 'Oak Harbor' started by Who Cares, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Once again after reviewing the past pay period records I see that I was shorted about three and a half hours for breakdown pay. This was time that was entered on the handheld that somehow never makes it to payroll.

    I do not check every check but sometimes I have this nagging little voice to do so. As most know when OHFL screws the employee they reach around and pull an excuse out of their butt, but manage to get the missing time on the next check.

    This is the last straw, I am tired of these jackasses ******* with my time. My intention is to work with the local Union, notify my attorney and seek his advice and notify the Wage and Hour Commission.

    If anyone would like to give me more ammo to go after these crooked bastards I would really like information. I need detailed information such as dates, dispatch numbers, amount that you were shorted, was your supervisor or Mike B. in Central Dispatch notified, was the error corrected. Also the state that you work in/dispatched from. Any information that maybe helpful.

    Does anyone know of the person who started the lunch and breaks issue in LA County? You know, "we deny doing any thing wrong, but here is $1.625 million to prove we didn't." If you know him have him join this board and send me a PM.

    This is going to be a long, drawn out process and I do not expect results over night.

    As a clarification this is only for breakdown pay that was entered on the handheld.

    If anyone reading this cares to share information PM me. I don't need names at this point but a direct e-mail address would be helpful.

    And if anyone has some better ideas on how to go after these crooks let me know.
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    Think how much money that is if they do it to everyone company wide . Could be going on for years , who knows ? Funny kinda Christians if ya ask me .

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