What’s the Difference between trucking at night and daylight?

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by AdvanceTW, Dec 21, 2017.

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    As business owners, your trucks are your workhorses and your truck drivers are your heroes. Your trade won’t simply survive without them. Now with your business on the line, there are lots of critical decisions you have to make. One of them is deciding whether or not it’s best for your trucks to head off during the night or day. While driving at night poses different kinds of hazards, driving during the day also comes with many disadvantages.
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    140+ Views and no one till I responded. Guess there are too many Steering Wheel Holders, a.k.a. Seat Warmers to offer some resonable retort or they simply had nothing to offer better than mudflap fodder (and this post may be no better).
    Correct, Your Trucks are the means to a positive end yet there have been, are currently and will be those wannabe Truckers that have no clue how to operate a Trucking business. Most that seem as "heroes" are simply "zeroes" destroying the bottom line as well any profits because they were led into Trucking under the guise of MAKE BIG BUCKS.
    Night or day makes no difference in the bottom line as WE usually drove/drive during BOTH TIMES (unless one is a "solar driver" = NO NIGHT driving).
    MANY OF US preferred/prefer driving at night because of LESS TRAFFIC as from 00:01 to 06:00, there was (is?) available parking just about anywhere due to those Drivers leaving out in that time frame (under the original H.O.S., not the "new" tripe).
    Can You Name the "kinds of hazards" and "many disadvantages"??
    There are similarities.
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    Well I can say that with my company, you have the p&d guys during the day that do all the pickups from the local businesses, bring them to the terminal and strip out the trailers. The freight is then loaded onto regional trailers where the linehaul guys take it to there respective region or relay it across country to be stripped out and delivered. So with trucking being a 24 hour operation, you would need guys working both day and night to provide a full service operation. Granted that weigh stations, idiots and cops are around more during the day. Weather at night during the winter is usually more hazardous since everything refreezes, people drink at night and get on the roads, construction zone delays and fly by night truckers. Not sure if this cleared things up as I didn't fully grasp what you were asking

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