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    You know what's funny is what you saw was one extreme, but trust me we also have days and I know you guys do to where you open up the trailer and you can't even find the load inside. Now I haven't had one of those days in a while, because they try to keep stuff pretty even across all the trucks and really they try doesn't always work, but they do not really want trucks loaded like that picture, the company doesn't legitimately want every truck cubed out to the absolute max everyday here's what happened with that day, that was a school route that was I think after Christmas the school district is a bigger district and they had a double order and it ended up cubing out the trailer because there were 2 days worth of deliveries being done in one day normally though that's only around holliday's and stuff in ordinary time that route is usually cubed pretty good but not like that, that was the most I had ever done in one day, because the problem with that, is now you have no room for temp routes or new customers that come on. So they have to allow for a margin of error. Plus there is a money stand point and pretty much what it, is, is and I don't know the exact number, but as long as a load meets a certain dollar amount it can roll, so say there's a trailer that's only 200 cube, but it meets the dollar amount so they let it roll, I've had those loads too.

    My favorite is when you have like a 400 case load, but the computer says to load the trailer waste high so what happens is, instead of high and tight with lost of room the trailer is loaded waste high and all the way to the edge of the back door that's a fun one and usually deserves a face palm.

    Actually from my understanding there was a paradigm shift and they used to load the trucks through the bulk head or something it was before my time and it worked out more like you guys where while it was still floor loaded you were able to make it through the bulk head way way quicker and less side door. Trust me the side door is not an ideal set up and they know that, it's not the best way, but because of product separation with proteins and stuff things had to change and I guess for the time being that was the best solution or the only viable one. I guess really and it depends on management at the warehouse, but they have been talking about trying to find a way to go back to the old way, but I don't quite understand the technical aspects behind it so I can't say, I don't expect it to happen anytime soon.
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