What do you Love about working here? What do you Hate about working here?

Discussion in 'R&L Carriers' started by shadowr434, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. shadowr434

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    Lets make a big thread for all potential new co-workers to read about the benefits and drawbacks about working here.
    What do you Love about working here? What do you Hate about working here?
  2. Lets see, what do I love about working here??? Sorry to say, there is NOTHING about the place that I love!!! I do love the fact that I won't be working here much longer!!!

    The only thing that really gets me through everyday is the friends that I work with, being able to vent to them, and them to vent to me, about the the joke this place has become...

    I LIKE the fact that I get 4 weeks vacation, but that is something that I have earned, by busting my ass for these incompetent bafoons!!! I really can't say I love anything about the place, I used to love to work here, but the company has become a complete joke since the Fall of 2008...

    What do I HATE about working here??? Just about EVERYTHING!!!

    What Zimmerman and the YRC crew have done to this company, by destroying the morale of the employee's..Incompetent management would be on top of the list, and this is where all of R&L's problems stem from!!! The management does not give a damn about their employee's, and I don't believe they give a damn about their customers!!!

    Junky ass equipment, that is old and falling apart!!! Facilities nasty and not being maintained!!! No overtime pay!!! Leaving drivers home to save labor, then not having enough trucks on the road to service our customers!!! Leaving drivers at home, who are starving for hours, then having to work 14 hours without getting overtime pay!!!

    Listening to that dumbass recording while being put on hold, about the WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Having to call the information on the freight bills in everyday to the dispatchers, who are on the dock smoking, thus being subjected to the torturious recording!!!

    Pissing customers off by charging all these extra fee's!!! We have lost so many customers, I wouldn't be surprised if our terminal dosen't shut down..Is it like this everywhere???

    A terminal manager who is a waste of a salary, who never corrects any problems, and acts like an innocent bystander who is not responsible for anything...

    The fact that line haul drivers get screwed on their pay, while having to wait hours at a time, when they switch trailers at a terminal, and not receiveing any compensation for it...Even if they caught in bad weather, and sit on a ice covered road, they receive no pay!!! HOW DAMN GREEDY!!!

    Dock workers who tear up the freight, and are not held accountable, freight that is double and triple stacked, put in sideways, so you can't get a pallet jack under it, loaded out of sequence,and the frustrations of dealing with that, and then being told to hurry, and your not meeting the companies standards of 1.5 stops per hour!!!

    Running a 300-400 mile route, but having to get 6-8 stops off in town, to get your numbers looking good, before you head out on the extended route by noon, only to bring 3-4 stops back, and missing pick-ups, because of this damn ignorence of not getting the driver on up the damn road to takecare of his customers...(This happens every damn day)

    R&L has become a joke, myself and the other drivers can't believe that Senior actually knows what the hell has happened to his company....I myself, and lots of others at my terminal are planning to get to hell away from this place soon!!! I don't think its gonna get any better!!!

    If I was a young guy, I wouldn't get anywhere close to R&L!!! If this company had been like this when I first started working here, I would have got the hell away from here quick!!! If anyone is young and starting out, also be aware that if you come to work for R&L, you will be what is called a Paramount driver, and you will never get the same pay and benefits of the current R&L drivers, it is a much lower scale...I would be surprised if R&L is business in 5 years!!!

    If I had to do it all over again, I would have went with Fed-Ex, or UPS Freight!!!
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  3. sapper

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    I enjoy working with my co-workers. We have a seasoned group of drivers that do not need to be baby-sat and managment knows this.

    I enjoy my route. I have great customers that I work hard for and they appreciate it.

    We have real mechanics, not the ones that can only fix something if it can be done between breaks and lunch.

    We usually get along with each other( drivers / management )


    New hires will never get to our pay level. This promotes division among the drivers.

    Lack of overtime will keep good drivers from even looking at R/L. If I am going to work 50 plus hrs a week, wouldn't I go to a company that pays O/T?

    Same question asked by prospective L/H drivers, shouldn't I get paid for drop and hook / layover et all?

    RH is correct in the above post; if they dont start treating drivers right, the company will fold, period. Doesnt matter how many dock workers, office people or management you have. If you dont have qualified drivers, your screwed. I just wish all drivers would realize and believe this. The company has basicaly painted themselves into a corner with all the hiring freezes and payscale crap.

    We as drivers, really do have them by the short and curlys. Think about it.......
  4. scully

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    Shadowr, thanks for the most constructive question this blog has ever seen, Sapper thanks for and honest opinion. Richard please give it a rest, everyone knows you hate the company, dockworkers and everyone else. I am a puppy by most standards being here for only eight years, this in its self says somthing about the company. During the past few years things have been tough for everyone in the company. The lack of the 401k match, no raises ect. I continued to contribute to the 401k and had a gain in my investment, this was better than the bank offered in savings and a safer risk than the open market. I continue to use the benefits offered by the company to enjoy a couple weeks a year at one of the resorts at no expense except my travel. Yes sometimes I feel like my contributions are overlooked and I am not appreciated, but at the end of the day I am greatfull to be employed, I know I have done my best and I hope that my co workers are working as hard as I. Companies are only as successfull as their people, not just their leaders. If we all work together toward a common goal we will all win, the weak links in the chain could bring us all down. If you are a potential new hire take a informed look, weigh your options and make a choice you can live with. I myself am glad I made the decition I did when I came to R & L. Like every job I ever had I could list the things I hate but those are my hang ups not yours. The greater the risk the greater the return. Peace!
  5. Hmmmmm!!!! I would bet $100.00 bucks you are in management!!! Peace back at ya!!!
  6. big cheese II

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    R Herbert......you have so many negative posts on here it's un-real. You are the laughing stock! Please do your co-workers a favor & quit. No one wants to hear your crying a%* anymore. You need to be un-employed & go thru some hard times, you may then appreciate a pay check & a company.
  7. shadowr434

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    He has a right to vent and complain.You dont know about his service center. They may have a bunch of issues there that you may not have at your location. Everyone has a right to post here.
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  8. Sorry to say, that R&L has become the laughing stock!!! Use to be the company that ALL looked up to!!!I would speculate your another one from management posting here...Welcome!!!

    All of my co-workers, at least at the terminal that I work at, have the same kind of attitude that I do, and as I have said before, when I quit, it will be on my terms!!!

    Don't blame the messenger for what management has done to the morale...I use to be the biggest R&L fan there was..

    Must have been pretty bad, for Junior to get out, he couldn't even stand how the employee's were getting treated by the new management!!!
  9. bullwagon

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    I agree with most of what he has to say, I am one of his co-workers and it does not bother me reading what he has to say. So Herbert, keep posting!
  10. sapper

    sapper Active Member

    Richard, you might be a little rough around the edges on some of your posts, but I think you're still pretty much preaching to the choir. Can I have a HELL YEA?

    Keep posting, you're getting to some people... :1036316054:
  11. I appreciate you Sapper, and Bullwagon!!! I am just stating the facts about the company as it is!!! I am not trying to get to anybody, just voicing my frustrations!!!

    The best thing management could do, it read the comments here, and take actions to correct their mistakes,and improve morale...It probably won't happen, because they don't believe they have done anything wrong, its the overpaid drivers that aren't productive enough and meeting company standards...

    I wish they could see the cliff they are about to run the company over, but they seem to keep doubling down on STUPID!!![

    I will continue to work hard, and treat the customers the best I can, as I always have, but continue to be is disbelief at the directon of the company!!!
    QUOTE=sapper;1069041]Richard, you might be a little rough around the edges on some of your posts, but I think you're still pretty much preaching to the choir. Can I have a HELL YEA?

    Keep posting, you're getting to some people... :1036316054:[/QUOTE]
  12. bullwagon

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    This is a good company to start with and gain some experience and then move on to a better company with. I would not plan on staying here for a very long time. You will not get compensated very well and you will get over worked with little pay (the “new” pay scale that wasn’t going to last for long that started in 08). So if you are starting out new go ahead and do it, if you are experienced and are looking for a new home turn around and go the other way. Management is horrible, all the way from the top to the bottom, retaliation at the local level with directors and TM’s sweeping everything under the rug.
  13. Skeet

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    That I have a lift Gate and I almost never have to hand anything down. The other when you have a dirt bag working at your Term. They seem to never want to fire them. They keep the problem child around. And that cancer just infects the whole Term.
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  14. Skeet

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    This Combo BS has cause so much problems for are Term. We get guy's who come on. And they do not tune in what they will make. When they understand what they make. And are doing P&D day in and day out. 45-50hr a week. And make so much less then I and the other P&D drivers make. All we hear is This BS this that. I look at them and say I feel for you. But you took the job.The pay scale is a joke for those who are hired.
  15. bullwagon

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    It is a joke; it has caused a major divide between the employees at this company. It pits each other against each other.
  16. Cromag

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    Well here it is being Thursday and I only have 7 1/2 FRICKIN HOURS this week!!!!!!!!!!! I'm over it!!! Every week since Jan I have been screwed hours and pulled off my run that I bid on and won 5 years ago. Working people by seniority instead of spreading the hours to help everyone is BS! There is NO team work at least at my terminal except drivers helping drivers. I have already blown through my savings covering my piss poor pay this year, had to skip going anywhere with my family for vacation and now I'm hitting the pawn shop to avoid foreclosure. I am searching for a new company and R&L will be losing a dedicated proud employee. Thanks to you Zimmerman
  17. Yeah Zimmerman really has done a number on the place, he is worthless, and the worst decision that Senior ever made,was hiring this LOSER... ...!!! Knoxville terminal is pathetic, and Wilmington dosen't give a damn... ALL the management there is PATHETIC...They all need to be replaced, mainly Dwight, and Jeff H.THERE IS NO LEADERSHIP IN KNOXVILLE!!!They go out of their way to make it hard on the drivers, and they could give a **** less about their customers .. The morale has hit rock bottom, and don't be surprised by a big layoff in Knoxville...They don't give care about you and your 7 1/2 hours, because they are HEARTLESS, WORTHLESS SOB'S, that only care about themselves....Why in the hell work you half a day this week, and bunches of drivers are getting 55-6- hours this week...NO MANAGEMENT, AND NO LEADERSHIP!!!Do yourself a favor my friend, and get yourself a real job, this place is a deadend, not only for the guys at the bottom of seniority, but everyone will soon be affected at this terminal...Thank you MR. Zimmerman for basically DESTROYING our company!!!
  18. workmaster

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    Well said Richard.
  19. ltl is great

    ltl is great Banned

    I may be ignorant, but who is Zimmerman?
  20. SGlide

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    The president of the company. Bob Zimmerman.

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