What do you Love about working here? What do you Hate about working here?

Discussion in 'Cowan Systems' started by mildew, Jul 15, 2012.

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    This question is asked in other forums. I thought it is a good thread to let those know that don't know what to expect.
  2. Lazer

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    I have also seen this question asked in other forums. My only objection is the wording of the question itself, 'love' is only for God, country, and family.
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    You definitely have a right to your opinion and meaning of the word.

    Love is a universal word that encompasses many meanings for "appreciation, captivation, devotedness, emotion, like, treasure, infatuation, admiration, sexual passion, enjoyment, fondness...the list goes on.

    You're using your version as a Noun. (Singular word)
    We are using ours as a Verb. (In a sentence) It all depends on the sentence structure.
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    like, close to home. Not like... short haul stuff isn't payed well. Mileage where it should be hourly. Double drops and hooks without pay, on short hauls. lots of non-coke stuff we do is payed very small. It's side work to get us back to the plant and the only one making money on it is the company.

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