What does team work mean to you?

Discussion in 'Gordon Food Service' started by MikeJ, Mar 19, 2015.

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    I don't know what, the thought process and stance is it at my particular branch of GFS regarding team work is it doesn't matter anyhow.
    When I hired on there they asked me what does it mean to work in an environment that is team oriented, which is more of a corporate thing it has a lot to do with the culture of the company and it's good I like it.

    Any how today was an example of what I think is what it means to work in a team oriented environment. The route I covered today (I'm pretty much a swing driver kind of but not really but kind of) any how the route I was covering today wasn't a bad route and around 1:15pm I was wrapping it up. Well anyhow, one of the other drivers called one of the newer guys I was working with a guy who hired on same day I did started the exact same day and we were working together today.

    Anyhow one of the guys with a lot of seniority and one of the top drivers at our yard the other guy on the phone and said "You know I'm running late had some bigger stops, put me behind are you free?"

    We had like 2 stops left at that time and I said "Well find where he is and will go out and help him after our last stop."

    So we had a safety meeting today so it was either truck back to the yard and have 2-3 hours of dead time or go and help another driver. So we trucked out east we weren't that far away and we trucked to his stop and did 3 stops with him and helped him finish his route. I think it's only proper to help other drivers if they need it, I guess that's what team work means to me. Now I had no problem doing that. What's funny though is oh goodness I've had a long week today my work day was about 14 hours long and yesterday was also long a good 12-13 hours. Monday was long to 13 hours, Tuesday was 12-13 hours long too. Any how I was kind of pooped and wanted to go home for a small rest, but to me team work is more important plus I was already at work and up and running why stop growing that pay check ha-ha!

    Anyhow, team work to me means putting others before you're self and helping you're other co-workers. I'm not a super truck not by any means I'm a below average shifter and probably a lower average backer I'll be honest that's how I see my self, I try to do a good job of delivering things, but there are guys who can blow me out of the water, as far as everything goes, but I don't know these places all keep me around. I think the bosses appreciate it all on the back end, they don't need to say it and I don't want them too, but you know I try to work by the companies value system.
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    I don't see being part of a team so much as putting others ahead of yourself, but more like doing what it takes to make your team a successful part of the company as a whole. Teamwork is seeing what needs done and pitching in to get it done.

    That can sometimes bite you in the ass. Many times, management wants to be "in the loop" in all aspects. That is called micro-management. A good management team hires the right people and lets them get it done. They will step in when an employee gets too far out of bounds.

    Last week, we had a cooler unit fall off the ceiling, causing the Freon lines to break. This rendered the trailer unusable, so we (all the transit drivers and delivery drivers) transferred the product to different trailers. The deliveries were made, on time, and everything worked out. The manager was out of town, but he was kept in the loop. Everyone pitched in, even though it wasn't required. The job needed done and it got done. That's teamwork.

    In my 22 years as a truck driver, I've always been a self starter. I recognize a problem, figure a solution and get it done. You will never go wrong if you pay attention and help when help is needed or required.
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    MANY companies claim they have a TEAM environment yet when a TEAM is needed for some adventures, such "team" does not materialize.

    It IS GOOD of you, MikeJ, to have offered (and to offer) assistance as others (have and) will see you as one to look up to (excuse the cliche) down the road.

    Thanks certainly be to you for your innate BROTHERHOOD!!

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