What is really happening at 511?

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by joebeegone, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. joebeegone

    joebeegone New Member

    Anyone have any solid information about what is happening at 511?
  2. marty dotson

    marty dotson New Member

    business as usual nothing has changed.
  3. Lazarus745

    Lazarus745 Active Member

    All but 4 of the City/Dock on layoff were recalled.
  4. mysticobra

    mysticobra Just here.

    I hear our metro bids are going back up. That covers 3 barns.
    Rumor. Not up yet.
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  5. SamHouston

    SamHouston Member

    Sounds like Mitch and the boys caved in.....holy :shit: the company has no backbone.......on the other hand it's no surprise since Mitch was fired by Roadway in his early career but Yellow made him a director.

    SCRABBLE Active Member

    From what I've heard, not very much.
  7. oneofus

    oneofus Member

    all of the bids up for all 3 terminals was only 12 daytime dock jobs out of spite because they were so far behind we went from 1500 bills behind to over 3000 bills behind, not sure if we're gonna be working the other dock again or bring everybody back on the south dock because the bids dont show inbound and outbound like they used to but we're just glad all of our brothers are coming back at this point, whole change was unnecessary, we deliver more freight in Dallas than just about anywhere else in the system and with all of our guysworking we can catch that up in a day even with the bph everybody likes to talk about which isnt our fault either and whats more important, the customers getting their freight on time and undamaged in a metro with all the rails and every highway going north south east and west or trying to punish the rank and file by routing the freight around us and spending months trying to figure out how to get at the workers at 511
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  8. freightman714

    freightman714 New Member

    Dallas Teamsters stick together. Need more barns like 511. Stay strong 511
  9. SamHouston

    SamHouston Member

  10. vongrimmenstein

    vongrimmenstein Well-Known Member

    That is corporate America. A pissed off company that wants to make an example of someone will spend 10 bucks when they could have spent 1 dollar to wear you down. Ask any attorney. Appeals can go on for years. Can you last that long without settlement? Corporations don't think so. So they like to drag it out. Even if the know they will loose all their appeals & have to pay you, they will spend thousands to prove a point. happens all the time. von.

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