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Discussion in 'Wal-Mart Drivers' started by melissajoy1234, May 17, 2011.

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    So about a week and a half ago they had posted on the Walmart website that they are hiring drivers in Grove City, OH. This is the only DC that is within reasonable driving distance from us (about 141 miles away), so we were super excited for my husband to apply! The application took FOREVER to complete. I had to go back through all of his paystubs for the last 3 years to find out how many miles he had driven in each of the past 3 years. Once we finally got the application completed and submitted, we felt so accomplished.

    I know it is difficult to get on with Walmart, and we haven't heard anything back yet. The post for that position is also gone from the website now, making us think they are no longer even hiring for that DC. Does anyone know? How long after you submitted the application did you get a call from them for an interview? My husband has been working for the same trucking company for the past 4 years (his total driving experience) and he has a perfectly clean driving record, even personal driving record. There is nothing tainted. How much experience do most hirees have before getting offered even an interview at Walmart? Are we just wasting our time applying right now?
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    While 4 years of safe driving is a very good start to a trucking career,their are alot of drivers out there with alot more experience that would love to drive for Walmart.Im not taking anything away from your husbands fine start to driving but im not sure 4 years means too much to a company like Walmart...GL
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    When I was job hunting a few yrs back, I found that WM & UPS love to advertise jobs and then act like they never had an opening after you take all that time. I even had a scheduled interview w/UPS in Hilliard when they called me to cancel & said they would reschedule & never did. I have a picture perfect record too.
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    The group I just went through orientation with all had 20+ years of experience one has over 40 years. Could you get in with four years, anythings possible but consider the very well qualified applicants your husband has to compete with. My group of six were picked from a pool of over 600 applicants. Could your husband beat out 99 other drivers that meet the minimum qualifications again anythings possible and I highly encourage him to get used to applying and interviewing. It may take years, in my case it took almost six. In six years your husband will have 10 years under his belt and will be in a much better position to be a competitive candidate.

    You may want to consider applying at every DC that is hiring, use the notification feature on the Wal Mart career site to be sure you know as soon as positions become available. If a long commute and Im talking 1000+ miles is to much than you may want to reconsider how much your husband wants the job. There are many guys that have had to work away from home for the first year before being able to transfer to a DC closer to where they live. Your husband must maintain a perfect record and show integrity in all areas of his life from this point on if this is what he wants. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    This is one of the most thought out and well put responses, I have read in a long time. Great response!!
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    I have heard that they want you to be atleast 45 and have 1,000,000 safe miles. That is what more than one Wal-Mart driver has told me. I am 37 and would have 1,000,000 miles if I would have stayed in the United States. Oh well, I am looking at FedEx when I go home in Aug.

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